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    Preview XY081: Satoshi Leaps Through Time! Rotom's Wish!

    I have a feeling the dub will handle it heavily or ban it (kids shouldn't know about gambling). Plus how did he time travel? Did Clemont build a time machine or did Ash encounter Celebi again?
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    Preview XY072: The Scary House's Hospitality!

    This sounds like a rehash of XY014 to me.
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    News New Ending: "Gaogao All Stars" by Little Glee Monster

    I hope it's like Look Look Here.
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    Preview XY066: The Miare City Investigation! Citroid VS Black Citroid!!

    Is Professor Sycamore's father? My guess is that scientist works for Team Flare. Clemont may learn his father's identity as Blaziken Mask.
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    Preview XY066: The Miare City Investigation! Citroid VS Black Citroid!!

    Clembot getting arrested? I wonder how that will play out.
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    Preview XY066: The Miare City Investigation! Citroid VS Black Citroid!!

    Either Clemont has an evil half brother or evil cousin.
  7. G

    Preview M18: The Archdjinni of the Rings: Hoopa

    Serena's new look is permanent, I knew it
  8. G

    Why isn't Team Flare in the anime yet?

    Shh... It's too early usually it takes 100+ episodes to show an evil team.
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    Preview XY064: Fokko VS Mahoxy! A Splendid Performance Battle!!

    Serena is confirmed as Paul 2.0
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    Preview XY063: A Fork in the Path of Indecision!? Musashi and Sonans!!

    We found love in a Hopeless place On so glad it's not Brock, next thing I know Jessie may marry him or learn he's married
  11. G

    Next dub opening?

    They have two to choose from. It'd be cool if they picked Getter Ban Ban
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    Preview XY062: Protect the Future of Science! The Electric Labyrinth!!

    I think Colress is in Kalos or some other evil relative of Clemont's or Team Flare
  13. G

    most annoying voice in the dub?

    Lisa Ortiz as Korrina, Amy Rose just doesn't suit her, Gurkinn sounds too young, and little Clemont's voice is ugly.
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    Luminose City Arc/Plot Speculation

    Maybe a baby Clemont flashback! Also a flashback of baby Bonnie and little Clemont!
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    Preview XY061: Decisive Battle in the Badlands! Fight, Numera!!

    "Badlands" no WWI references! Sounds like "No Man's Land"
  16. G

    Should Calem be in the Anime

  17. G

    Preview XY059: Satoshi and Serena's First Date!? The Tree of Promises and the Presents!!

    Imagine if Clemont's babysitting? Not just the pokemon but maybe Ramos has some little grandchildren that live locally at Coumarine City close to their grandpa.
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    News New Opening Theme: Mad-Paced Getter by Tomohisa Sako

    Re: New Opening Theme: Getter Banban by Tomohisa Sako Ash has another fanboy! He looks weird
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