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    Serena: Rival or travel companion?

    She's most likely a travel companion. Having the group made up of just Clemont and Bonnie wouldn't be right since it would just be two guys and a girl who might not even have her own Pokémon. Plus having two female companions at the same time hasn't been done before (for an extended period of time).
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    Pokemon XY Corocoro poster!

    I'm somewhat surprised that nobody's brought this up, but if these are the characters that are going to be on the main cast, then this is probably the first time that there's more then one girl in the main group. But yeah, I'm getting quite an AG vibe. Clemont and Bonnie appear to have a...
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    If Iris and Dento are gone, who do you think will be the new companions?

    I don't think they'll be using the female heroine because the player character is customizable this time around. It wouldn't be right to not show it off by having her appear as one version. It would be more likely if they used some of the rival characters. Shauna, Trevor and Tierno would be great.
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    Fairies and the Fairy Type: Why Fairies aren't a bad idea for a type

    For those who don't like the idea of fairy Pokémon because they conjure up images of adorable butterfly-winged dainty creatures that grant wishes and bring happiness, keep in mind that this is a relatively new phenomenon. The fairies of old legends were nasty creatures with supernatural powers...
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    How do you feel about another "Joy/Jenny/Don George" with Parker this late in BW?

    Huh? I thought it was the same guy... *Haven't watched the show in a while* Oh well, I don't really mind him/them though...
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    Ideas for Gen VI Pokemon

    I'd like a Fire/Dark demon with three eyes. Two normal ones and a third one in the middle of its head that shoots lasers. Basically Combustion Man from Avatar: the Last Airbender.
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    "Pointless" Hidden Ablilies?

    If only Zen Mode worked in reverse: At full HP it's in Zen Mode, but it gets out of it when its health drops...
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    "Pointless" Hidden Ablilies?

    Serene Grace is mostly pointless because Sawsbuck doesn't learn enough moves that justify using it. Chlorophyll might be useful as you said, but Sap Sipper is probably the best choice since it actually grants an immunity.
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    "Pointless" Hidden Ablilies?

    Actually, the one use that Truant Durant has is that it works wonders against the AI in the battle subway and similar places. You see, the AI will only switch Pokémon when it sees no moves can be made. By making the AI's Pokémon get Truant through Entrainment, you've severely crippled them but...
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    Do all these gimmicky stunts that Best Wishes! keeps pulling seem desperate to you?

    Re: Do all these gimmicky stunts that Best Wishes! keeps pulling seem desperate to yo It is a bit silly to introduce all those gimmicks at once, but that earthquake really had a profound effect. The best thing we could do is wait it out and hope that the X/Y saga is better planned out.
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    Do you like Kotetsu/Cameron as a rival?

    I'm going to be honest here. He's probably the worst character introduced in the anime. I don't know what it is, but individually, all of his traits are tolerable, but together it's an absolute mess. 1. His idiocy would have been tolerable if he was introduced as a beginning trainer and much...
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    Favorite version of TRio?

    The Team Rocket trio. TR. TRio. To be honest, the goofy Team Rocket from AG and DP had more character. I think what they did with them in regards with DP's contests was amazing. BW's Team Rocket was pretty amazing though. But at the same time I admit that it's difficult to find the balance...
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    Gen VI and the dub

    They might make a Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon-like special. That is, produce the special (or 2 to 3 episodes) right now, then send a copy for dubbing in each language, and then each station can air these special episodes when the time comes for the release.
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    Do you have any Pokemon Anime headcanons?

    These have been... Interesting. Here's a few of mine: - Castelia City is still overrun by the Venipede. However, the people have learned how to live with the 2 ft. venomous bugs. - There was a massive battle between Team Rocket and Team Plasma that was really epic, but Ash and friends missed...
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    Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    I don't know, the saga as a whole started off fairly strong but when the entire Team Rocket vs Team Plasma Arc got canned it started to somewhat weaken, but even then it was still decent. It was only when they introduced Cameron that the show started to suck hard. I think the writers were...
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    Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    Simply put, they Unova league was mostly garbage. It seems like far far more effort was put into the Battle Club tourneys then this. Did the writers somehow gave up or something? 2/10 for me.
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    Do you think gen VI will finally end the curse of the plushie?

    Unless Japan suddenly starts to hate cute things as a whole, it's doubtful they'll ever get rid of cute Pokémon from the spotlight.
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    Gen VI and the dub

    Honestly, I don't see it happening for the anime, unless they cut the episode N saga short for the Japanese version so there's leeway for the other dubs to catch up, but I don't see that happening either.
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    Starter Discussion

    Re: Pokémon X & Y Starter Discussion I really like the starters this time around: Chespin is interesting because it's currently the first and only one that isn't based on a reptilian creature. Although it looks too much like one of the early rodents, especially Patrat. Maybe it'll pull an...
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    Pokémon X and Y announced: Iwata reveals plans for Gen VI in Nintendo Direct stream

    Re: Pokémon X and Y announced: Iwata reveals plans for Gen VI in Nintendo Direct stre Oh goodie Gen VI's announced, I better finish up Black 2 and get back to posting on here... So far what's been presented is actually very intriguing. I like the fox and frog starter. The hedgehog will take...
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