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  1. LavenderCase

    Preview SM001: Alola! The Starting Island, the Starter Pokémon!!

    Tell them you found head lice. Just kidding. Don't do that.
  2. LavenderCase

    Pokemon Game in 2017

    I've been pondering this. I would love for them to explore the alternate dimensions in future installments. But surely we could plausibly be waiting beyond 2017. A remake makes more sense but I hope they incorporate the new 3D. Could they do that by then? I'm all for a Kanto sequel with a big...
  3. LavenderCase

    Preview SM001: Alola! The Starting Island, the Starter Pokémon!!

    Yay I forgot it premieres this Thursday. Thankfully I have the day off. Tomorrow will be good indeed.
  4. LavenderCase

    Preview SM001: Alola! The Starting Island, the Starter Pokémon!!

    Is it airing at its usual time?
  5. LavenderCase

    Will Cartoon Network have a sneak peek for SM?

    7am? That's pretty early. I remember catching it on the WB at 9 or 10am. 8am every now and then. Was a great motivator getting my butt out of bed. But now we have YouTube, Netflix, and DVR.
  6. LavenderCase

    Physical or Digital?

  7. LavenderCase

    What are your expectations for Team Rocket?

    Not a personal fan of the Team Rocket trio. But if they can make them more menacing with successful plots would make the story interesting. Heck they could even enroll as students and try to pass as youngsters or whatever. They could be the class bullies. Lol
  8. LavenderCase

    Do Pokémon Designs Go Too Far (or not far enough)?

    I was thinking about this again. Not so much a complaint but a question mark, I suppose. But certain Pokemon look a little too humanoid. I've come to find out some of the strange fan art out there *shudders*
  9. LavenderCase

    Pokémon in your dreams

    Nightmares of Mewtwo. But that's about it.
  10. LavenderCase

    AureliaShipping (Ash x Lillie) Thread

    What are the chances of all three main female characters developing crushes and competing with one another for Ash's attention? Would introduce a new and hilarious dynamic.
  11. LavenderCase

    Do you have any Pokemon Anime headcanons?

    Oak and Delia are secretly dating. Misty and Tracy are slowly becoming an item. Max will be starting his journey soon if not already.
  12. LavenderCase

    Characters you Hope Debut in Generations

    I'm hoping to see the female protagonists. I've yet to see any of them.
  13. LavenderCase

    Kanto/Johto Sequels

    I would enjoy a Kanto/Johto sequel. Let there be a time skip where the characters have aged. Gym leaders and Elite Four have been replaced with new faces. Gyms could be the main quest but the storyline itself would be different with side quests and cameos.
  14. LavenderCase

    Review XY140: The Endless Zero! Until the Day We Meet Again!!

    That kiss was unexpected. Such a beautiful scene... I'm still gushing over it.
  15. LavenderCase

    Ash's classmates/companions.

    Did they happen to drop any hints? Would be stellar if true!
  16. LavenderCase

    Preview Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

    When are we slated for more anime news? I'm getting a slight Naruto vibe from this new season. I wonder if a similar format would work for the Pokemon anime.
  17. LavenderCase

    Ash Greninja Confirmed!

    I was a little skeptical, but pleasantly surprised.
  18. LavenderCase

    Trailers and News Discussion

    They were not kidding about Ash-Greninja. Wow!
  19. LavenderCase

    Trailers and News Discussion

    1 minute left!
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