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    Re: Palletshipping (and anything else really) I just decided to look back here on a whim... xD;; Spring break is always an awesome time and I hope that yours has been great! I'm glad to see you on board the palletshipping train! It will be a slow and scenic ride, but an enjoyable one...
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    Re: Palletshipping (and anything else really) Yeah, I already saw the episodes, which prompted me to wonder when (if ever) he will appear. ...In a way, I almost hope he doesn't. There's a brand new feel to the series, so if anyone came from the past that made an impact on Ash's character it...
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    Re: Palletshipping (and anything else really) As much as I'd love for Gary to make a GRAND APPEARANCE in Isshu... I don't think he'll be a major contributer to the series. ;A; I hope he does, though, just for old times sake. If his grandpa gets to be there, why can't Gary? But Shooti is kinda...
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    Do you feel sorry for Wobbufet being left behind?

    Eh... As much as I did like Wobbeffet, I'm not too sad to see it gone. With the new direction BW wants to take anime-wise, it wouldn't of been interesting. I wonder what new pokemon Jessie will have to make up for Wobbeffet?
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    Ash Club

    Never apologize for excitement! I was bouncing in my seat as soon as I noticed that tiny pic of Ash turning his hat back. It brought back so many fond memories~! I'm looking forward to this new season, especially since it looks so much more fresh than DP did. <333
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    Official "Who's Your Favourite Character" Thread -- PokeSpe version

    Re: Official "Who's Your Favourite Character" Thread -- Special version Admittedly, I adore Silver. I loved him in the game, even if he was a very jerkish character. Special gives him that extra bit of ethos that he needed to become a little bettwe rounded. And Faulkner is amazing. The fact...
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    Re: Palletshipping (and anything else really) Dawwww~ No problem, it was the only thing I could think of to donate xDD Glad that you did :3 FFFFFFFFFFF Nah not really. I just pop in every 20 pages or so. I still get the email alerts every month or someething like that since I'm too lazy...
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    Why so much love for the Fire Starters?

    I love fire type pokemon precisely for their offense (the fact that there are so few is annoying but bearable). However when I was younger I hated Torchic because May had one (and I was a Misty fan). Now... well it's at least better to look at than the other two. I really do hate Inferape...
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    Re: Palletshipping (and anything else really) Life more interesting? Aha~ I only sparked it but you guys here really made it all the more interesting! I see a lot of new people and that's really cool ^-^ ah... I wish I had more to add... uhm, drabble for your thoughts? (Destry has already...
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    Re: Palletshipping (and anything else really) fjkdslajfsadkfsa *A* 101 pages are you kidding me???? And it's still going strong, looking back at all the activity that has happened... I haven't made many contributions (except for a few drabbles here and there..and on top of that I still...
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    Re: Palletshipping (and anything else really) xD I'm liking this new RikuxAsh pairing, although I'm pretty sure Sora would rather stick his keyblade into Ash than have this crossover shipping! And even more unfortunate for Ash, there's no way he could fight Sora off. x3 Nope, no way! LOL...
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    Re: Palletshipping (and anything else really) xDD Wow for realz? That is so cool and just a little out there, ya know? x3 Ah but it's nice to know that we're all connected through the internets! Oh remember the drabble...uhm, the last drabble I wrote? I wrote a bit more...(I know it's...
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    Shipping Pictures

    This is a very sad pic...but it's stilll amazing...Is Charon Pluto from TG?
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    Do you actually take time to clean your badges?

    That's a intersting point. How do they get dirty? I would understand it if the player was constantly showing them off or something...
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    What'd you name your rival?

    I named my rival 'Andy' in Platinum after a character in my story, so I wont forget him. Jacky was his name in Diamond--after Jake Walker, pokemon Ranger extordinare!
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    Do you actually take time to clean your badges?

    I agree, I only do it at those times too. It's a cute feature but that's about it. Younger kids would love it though. It brings them closer to the anime, you know, whenever Ash would take the time out of his training scheduale just to polish them?
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    things you miss from old games

    Everything that had to do with Gen II...such an awesome adventure that was...Heck, I even miss the graphics.
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    Pokemon you think should not have been created

    I agree...bidoof should cease to exist. Along with Chimchar >_>
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    Re: Palletshipping (and anything else really) This is so amazing! Not just the new members but the ideas that are flying around and everything!! I'm sorry I have nothing to add... -checks- Nope...not a thing... But I did have a v-day comic I posted a while ago on DA...I guess I'll show that...
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    Salem Witch Trials: Repeated?

    Concerning 9/11, I believe it all depends on where you lived during the time. I lived in the city and my father worked in Manhattan. I was in the 7th grade and everybody was sent home. Even a year after the attacks, the fear that we had been attacked still lingered. People became more cautious...
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