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  1. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Chapter 34: Judgment

    Chapter 34: Judgment Slush and fallen branches crunched under Marco’s feet as he walked along the human path, following Yaksha. Sage hovered beside him, struggling with the oddly shaped rain-shield every once in a while. He expected every step to fill him with more and more dread. Which was...
  2. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Chapter 33: Home

    Chapter 33: Home Each croak of the steps under Anne’s feet sent another jolt through her. Excitement, anticipation, concern about the structural stability of this dwelling, all mixed in wildly varying rates. Just a few steps later, though, all gave into relief at what this burrow turned out...
  3. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Interlude VIII: Drifter

    Interlude VIII: Drifter “shhhh—ou know what it is, just an afternoon with my wife!” The roar of canned laughter floods the living room before giving way to harsh hissing once more. Above it, the black-and-white image of a talk show grows blurry as static devours it, erasing whatever meaning...
  4. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Chapter 32: Anticipation

    Chapter 32: Anticipation Who knew there was so much to discuss with such a vague plan? Anne’s thirst might’ve only lasted two cups of Vivian’s tea, but the adults’ desire to discuss everything they could in advance lasted way longer. Despite being kept in the loop about what they were...
  5. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Chapter 31: Curiosity

    Chapter 31: Curiosity The idea of heading outside was as exciting as it was worrisome. Even putting the purely logistical issues aside—Anne felt a bit better than yesterday evening, but doubted she was strong enough to walk unassisted—she was still unsure about some things. Her brief walk...
  6. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Chapter 30: Sunrise

    Chapter 30: Sunrise The first thing Anne heard was steps. Distant, muffled through layers upon layers of linen, Safeguard, and fluff. On dirt, on snow, on carpet which increasingly became more of the former two by mass with each passing day. Eventually, other sounds began to join in as...
  7. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast

    Thank you for the feedback! As a bit of clarification, the Riolu at the end of the chapter isn't Bell--Bell is the lil' Ralts. Riolu's name is Reya, you might remember her from chapter 12.
  8. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Interlude VII: Echoes

    Interlude VII: Echoes again A brackish puddle, barely shallow enough to breathe in, rests in golden sand. In all directions, only desert and scouring sun, forever. Echoes reverberate through the infinity, becoming just noise, sound—nothing. Too much of nothing. In the pond...
  9. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast

    Thank you so much for the review! To address a few points: (General) - Yeah, I possibly underuse dialogue tags--I try to add them when they're essential to figuring out who is speaking, but it's clear that what is otherwise self-explanatory for me isn't so for everyone else. I find that...
  10. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Chapter 29: Thirteen

    Chapter 29: Thirteen “Let us begin.” The three words echoed through the tent, forcing all that had heard them to let go of any external distractions for however long all this was going to take. No matter how derisive anyone here was of either the human or the need for this entire procedure...
  11. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Chapter 28: Nightfall

    Chapter 28: Nightfall The rest of Aria’s scouting shift was uneventful. As far as she was concerned, it was the only blessing she’d be receiving today. Tension gripped her body like a vise as she approached the village she called home, much of its tranquility undone by the anxious murk...
  12. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Chapter 27: Mending

    Chapter 27: Mending Sage wasn’t sure what Anne meant by ‘long hair’, but with how busy the rest of the room had suddenly gotten, she was down to investigate. It was filled with people she didn’t recognize—the Braixen looking over the little ones–the Shinx, the Ralts, and the Riolu–was nice...
  13. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Interlude VI: Gifts

    Interlude VI: Gifts “Alright everyone, now pair up and practice your Protects!” c’mere Grace hey where’d he go The Serperior’s instruction had the band of kids shuffle around the snowy clearing. Most of them immediately dashed to their best friends—or at least the peers...
  14. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Chapter 26: Traitor

    Chapter 26: Traitor Marco’s heart hammered in his chest as he jogged through the snowy woods. On any other day, he would’ve considered his current pace to be sluggish–to put it kindly–but at the moment, it felt like he was rushing headfirst into something someone would regret. Whether it...
  15. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Interlude V: Opportunity

    Interlude V: Opportunity The ailing headphones’ tinny tune left the announcer's call only barely audible. Their music was one of her few remaining comforts left—the very last, if her plan ended up not working out. Emma shook at the thought, but didn’t let it take over her mind. She would...
  16. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Chapter 25: Hell

    Chapter 25: Hell "~C'mon, keep up!~" The schoolgirl stared over her shoulder with a flat expression, foot tapping on the underbrush as she waited for her classmate to catch up with her. Despite her determination, though, he wasn't anywhere near as eager for their entire plan, especially as...
  17. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Chapter 24: Scars

    Chapter 24: Scars Garret had a plan. Despite the seriousness of the task ahead, he marched on with a smile, confident in his ability to discuss it all in the right way. His plan wasn’t the most detailed out there, and if there was anyone who knew that sometimes not even familiarity trumped...
  18. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Chapter 23: Trauma

    Chapter 23: Trauma CONTENT WARNING: Death, Hate Speech, Mild Gore The silence filling the clinic room lingered for a while as everyone either processed, or tried to process the implications of Anne’s realization. Autumn’s eyes went wide after just a moment as it all clicked for her, but...
  19. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Chapter 22: Solace

    Chapter 22: Solace Autumn had no idea how her daughter-in-law was managing while having to carry so much weight on her shoulders. The Indeedee sighed under her breath, pondering in silence with only her shawl and a freshly grabbed breakfast to accompany her. Yesterday was intense despite her...
  20. redspah

    TEEN: From the Vast
    Threadmarks: Chapter 21: Promise

    Chapter 21: Promise yaaaaaaaaawwwwn The quiet, high-pitched sound filled the clinic’s main chamber as a tiny tree stump stretched beside the sleeping ghost. Sage reached out more and more of her spectral body from its wooden shell as she came to, looking around the dim space. Despite how...
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