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  1. Arylett Charnoa

    The Avatar above gets turned into a Pokémon

    I'll go with my policy of picking what a Pokémon avatar would be if a different Type. As a Dragon, Jolteon would be Hakamo-o.
  2. Arylett Charnoa

    Explain the above’s avatar: wrong answers only

    This manic psychotic mushed up beloved McDonald's purple nugget Grimace into a paste to dye their entire body and is now showing off and smiling about it. Rest in peace, Grimace.
  3. Arylett Charnoa

    The Free Compliment Game

    And what I admire about you is how detailed your profile is, letting us know more of your love for object Pokémon and cool things like robots.
  4. Arylett Charnoa

    The Free Compliment Game

    Your avatar is very pretty and I like your general style. You seem kind.
  5. Arylett Charnoa

    Lie About the User Above

    Once tried to take over the world by coating everything in purple. A true mastermind of purple evil.
  6. Arylett Charnoa

    How well do you know the user above?

    6/10. As Iissi said, I've never interacted much with you either, but you are familiar to me, and I find you amusing.
  7. Arylett Charnoa

    Explain the above’s avatar: wrong answers only

    The tree intentionally attacked this blond haired child. Trees have been going wild all over the world! It's a real epidemic and no one knows what to do about it.
  8. Arylett Charnoa

    The Free Compliment Game

    You seem pretty intelligent and I am honestly flattered by how you leave likes on a lot of my art. I'm happy to see your name come up.
  9. Arylett Charnoa

    How well do the above user and their avatar go together?

    9/10. It suits my limited knowledge of your style.
  10. Arylett Charnoa

    How well do you know the user above?

    6.5/10. Feel like I've seen you a good chunk in Forum games to form an idea of your general demeanor.
  11. Arylett Charnoa

    What would the Above User's Partner Pokemon be?

    I think I associate you with doves because you seem kind and gentle. So I'll go with Togekiss, because it kind of fits the imagery of a dove moreso than Pidove.
  12. Arylett Charnoa

    What would be the user above's career in the Pokémon World?

    I noticed you have a few Water-types as your favorites, Alola's your favorite region, and Water is your favorite type... you could be a Water-type Trial Captain.
  13. Arylett Charnoa

    The One Above You - what does their Avatar tell you about them?

    Probably enjoys mecha anime.
  14. Arylett Charnoa

    What pokemon move comes to mind for the user above?

    Tail Slap.
  15. Arylett Charnoa

    What do you think the above user will use as their next avatar?

    Perhaps a character from a 90's anime next time.
  16. Arylett Charnoa

    What Did You Draw Today?

    An in-progress of my husband's fursona. I'm quite proud I finally managed to do the face justice.
  17. Arylett Charnoa

    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    Soundwave from Transformers Prime. Apparently, he is also a communications officer for the Decepticons.
  18. Arylett Charnoa

    Lie About the User Above

    Is actually INFERNALPOKEHATEGIRL!!! This was a secret disguise all along, guys. A spy mission to sabotage Pokefans and spread hate across the universe!1!
  19. Arylett Charnoa

    What animal would the above user be?

    This specific guy made me think of you, because: - Rabbits are associated with cartoons due to Bugs Bunny. Like the Toon in your name. - He has a yellowish coloration. Like Golden in your name. - Also projects a kind image, like you do.
  20. Arylett Charnoa

    What pokemon move comes to mind for the user above?

    Flare Blitz.
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