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  1. Jolty94

    If you could change one thing about these games (good or bad), what would you change?

    Whilst I think the story of SV is some of the best since the BW days, one thing I would definitely change is the performance, not even the graphical quality of the game, literally just the performance. Feeling nauseous when the frame rate drops to around 15 and stays there whilst riding around...
  2. Jolty94

    Ugliest pokemon gen9

    It's Scovillain hands down, and it's pre-evo Capsakid. Probably my least favourite designs from the past 3 gens in total actually, and it sucks even more as I wanted a Grass/Fire type so bad, at least now I have Hearthflame Ogerpon to make up for it, but yeah; absolutely terrible design.
  3. Jolty94

    A freaky glitch with Shiny sandwiches

    This is a long shot and people are probably already aware but I'd say make sure that you're getting the 3 higher levels after making the sandwhich, so ideally you want: Type sparking power level 3, title power level 3, and lastly Encounter power level 3 (with this last one, sometimes if you're...
  4. Jolty94

    What was your first Shiny Pokémon in SV?

    In my Violet playthrough it was a Skiddo after about 3 hours of playing and I almost missed it, then after around 50+ hours in, I found a shiny Gogoat, and then probably around another 50 hours after that; ANOTHER shiny Gogoat, all at full odds lol. In my Scarlet playthrough, my first shiny was...
  5. Jolty94

    Scarlet/Violet DLC

    I agree with a lot of the comments above on The Teal Mask especially, although I do have a soft spot for Kieran and really enjoyed his storyline, the whole time I was just like "Aw no dude you can be my friend, screw your sister" lol. But aside from that, I do have to agree with a lot of what...
  6. Jolty94

    Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Predictions/Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I don't mind the turtle, I think he's really cute, the only thing I really dislike about the design though is the type symbols on the shell, like the symbols that you would assume are/were just a human interpretation of each type.. like in a drawn symbolic form? Like the type markings on the...
  7. Jolty94

    Thoughts on Geeta?

    She just didn't pop out at me like previous Champions... She was kinda just there to be an authority figure without much umph imo. I didn't like her team and I would 100% change it, maybe to something like... Glimmora, Lucario, Ceruledge/Armarouge (chosen depending on the one that isn't in your...
  8. Jolty94

    Scarlet/Violet DLC

    That's an interesting way to look at it, but not entirely true as there are hundreds of games that had a very messy release period due to being "incomplete" or appearing "unfinished" in regards to either gameplay or performance, and they have all in some instance had extremely heavy updates, and...
  9. Jolty94

    Scarlet/Violet DLC

    I personally believe they didn't show any footage because they are aware there would be heavy backlash, asif there wasn't backlash already because a lot of people wanted acknoledgement on camera that they are aware of the current performance issues with the game, and that they would fully...
  10. Jolty94

    Am I the only one who is horribly disappointed with the duck’s final evolution?

    When I saw the leaks of it (because I remember there was only that like small sprite leak of it at first before we saw the full model) I thought it was just a Water Blaziken lol, but I was mistaken. I never saw it the whole game until Nemona used hers against me, and I must say I was very...
  11. Jolty94

    What Pokémon do you wish was in SV?

    Bulbasaur (although he'll likely be added in future DLC along with Squirtle). Ninetales. Porygon line. Politoed. Shuckle. Lotad line (really should have been included from the get-go). Metagross. Blitzle line. Ferrothorn. Bewear (just love it).
  12. Jolty94

    If You Could Add One New or Previous Feature to SV What Would It Be?

    I'd love the return of sky battles, but only if they take the time to not leave the Pokémon capable of participating in them in that really bland suspended gliding animation. Now that a lot of the Pokémon's models affected by that (Tropius etc.) are back on the ground, I'd hate to see them stuck...
  13. Jolty94

    What do you think of these vids from DistantKingdom?

    I'm a big fan of his videos tbh, and would never compare him in the slightest to Verlisify lol, every single one of Verlisify's opinions are unwarranted, biased, and entirely purposely negative, without any actual constructive criticism. What I've noticed with DistantKingdoms videos is that he...
  14. Jolty94

    [SPOILERS] Which are your favorite Pokemon from Gen IX's full roster?

    When I saw the leaks for the dex of this gen I'll admit I wasn't really feeling a lot of the designs at first, but so many have grown on me since playing; I'll mention my top 5 which is what I've seen others doing :) 1. Floragato - I adore him, probably out of every other 2nd or even 1st stage...
  15. Jolty94

    What are some things you don't like about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

    Besides the obvious ones with the graphics and performance, and the slow motion gameplay because of this whenever I go to Tagtree Thicket lol; I'd probably have to say overall it would have to be level scaling, and before the game was released or I even played it I didn't think it would bother...
  16. Jolty94

    [Spoilers] What is your favorite character so far in Scarlet/Violet?

    I love Larry & Hassel. I genuinely felt like I'd built a relationship with Hassel throughout the game, and a lot of the other school teachers in general to be fair. I loved the school classes a lot for some reason and I was terrible at school in real life lol.
  17. Jolty94

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens I - VIII)

    I may be just being stupid as I have over 1,000 hours playtime as a competitive player and have neeever done one of those event max raids with increased shiny odds. So I just wanted to ask if anyone here knows what the "2% shiny odds" means with the event raids? Like I wanna start trying to...
  18. Jolty94

    SV Leaks and/or Rumours Thread

    Had an entertaining Sunday morning reading through all the recent posts! I am really enjoying this leak season so far, it is a lot more fun to catch up on and stuff, especially in comparison to the build up to SwSh, and like somebody said above it's like we've entered a new era of leaks, where...
  19. Jolty94

    Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Predictions/Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I hope so. I also really hope they fix the characters running animation, it looks as if they hop too much, similar to how running was in SwSh, it felt really unnatural. I hope they fix that too.
  20. Jolty94

    Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Predictions/Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned the fact that Lechonk doesn't make any physical contact when it uses Tackle... I personally did not like seeing that, and feel it's a big regression from Legends if you ask me. Would it really of been such a big ask for the battle system in terms of visuals to...
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