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    Upcoming Indie Game: Starbound

    Hey, there's this new game that's going to come out at the end of this summer, and it's made by one of the lead developers of Terraria (you can find it on Steam) and if you haven't heard of it, it's sort of like a 2D Minecraft, but it combines elements of Legend of Zelda and Metroid into it...
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    New Web Browser: RockMelt

    So I just recently got this new browser called RockMelt, and I must say, it's absolutely delicious. It keeps you logged in to Facebook, you can have apps, and incorporates Google Chrome and Facebook into one. I'm actually using it right now, and I highly recommend getting it. It's absolutely...
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    1000 Things To Do in Walmart When You're Bored

    Hey! I couldn't find a thread anywhere over this so I thought I might start it! The title shows exactly what we are doing here. Rules: 1: Post what you would do in a Walmart if you were bored to tears. 2: You may repost, but don't post consecutively. Give other people a chance...
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    Hey, I'm VirtualAnomaly. I really enjoy music and I have played Pokemon since I was six. Glad to be a part of the community.