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    Is Bulbacast going to re-start?

    Hmm... that kinda sounds like a good idea. I hope that one gets through.
  2. M

    Anyone remember me?

    Hey, you're someone of my time. :P Welcome back!
  3. M

    8-Bit says hi.

    Welcome to BMGf! I was gonna ask, do you like all that 8-bit stuff (I assumed, lol)? Cuz if you do, I have a feeling we'll be friends. :D
  4. M

    The Stupid Excuses Game !

    He's a big meanie! >:O Guilty of playing hopscotch with a mule...
  5. M

    The Stupid Excuses Game !

    Gandalf is cooler. Guilty of randomly throwing a unpeeled banana
  6. M

    I'm back.

    I left around July this year since some real life issues prevented me from being around oftenly. But now everything's fine and I'm here to stay!
  7. M

    I'm back.

    Thanks for the welcome back everyone! Maybe. If it helps I used to go by plenty of random words before my name. :P
  8. M

    I'm back.

    Well, I've been on a long break from BMGf, but to all those who remember me, I'm back. I know you might say, "OMGLOLWTF you were gone?" but I feel like it's been long enough of a break to post a thread, even though I was already kinda back before posting this. I hope to come back strong and make...
  9. M

    Hello, n00b reporting

    Welcome to Bulbagarden. And interesting choice of username. :-P
  10. M

    What is PE2K?

    http://www.pe2k.com also gets you there if that helps.
  11. M

    What were the original forums like?

    That would be awesome! I caught myself trying to click around in the GS and Anime Forum just to see what they talked about. I wonder if those threads and posts were ever archived anywhere.
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    whats your favorite pokemon in the 5th gen.

    I love Kurumayu. A lot. :-D
  13. M

    What were the original forums like?

    That's pretty interesting. Can't believe you lurked so long! There'd be no BMGf without shipping! ;-)
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    When Did You Start Spriting?

    I would say 1-2 months before I did my sprite shop. It was a Gallade Lucario Splice... Aw, all the memories are coming back. :D
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    What were the original forums like?

    Yeah, I've always wondered what happened to the leader of the original BMGf after looking at some info about it... And I think all the BMGf veterans did an extremely good job bringing it back and turning Bulbagarden into the all-in-one Pokémon site it is today. :D :sonano:
  16. M

    What were the original forums like?

    Wait what? You were there in 2001, and you just joined THIS YEAR?
  17. M

    What were the original forums like?

    Really? Darn. I was hoping there would be more around. :( So, what were your favorite memories from the original Bulbagarden, Archaic?
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    What were the original forums like?

    Well, I looked around on the Wayback machine, and I happened to find stuff from the original Bulbagarden.com. It's looks really different than the current. http://web.archive.org/web/20010925040708/http://bmgf.bulbagarden.com/ It seems like a very small forum compared to it's growth and...
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    Suggestion Compatibility with Stylish?

    *Probably not the best idea, but I'll give it a shot anyway. :P* What would you think of having compatibility with Stylish? Stylish is an interesting add-on for Firefox that lets you change the look of websites, which is right here. I got some themes for websites like Facebook and YouTube and...
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    What should we report?

    Personally, I report spambots and flamers when I see 'em. But that's just me. And about the debates, if it looks like 2 people insulting each other, then that's probably a good time to hit that button. Sorry if that isn't completely accurate.
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