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  1. Kairyu

    End of an Era: Share Your Memories

    Watched OS on cable-tv when I was 8 yrs old back in 1998. Got so mad that my favorite mon at the time (Ash's Charizard) was dumped off at Liza's that I quit watching (lol). Returned in 2008 during early DP and boy I'm glad I did, as this show has been part of my weekly schedule ever since...
  2. Kairyu

    Greatest Full Battle in the Anime?

    Hard disagree. The only thing Ash vs Leon has over the others is animation. It pales in comparison in all other areas - intensity, choreography, pace, lots of awful music choices, overly full of gimmicks, power of friendship bs.
  3. Kairyu

    Review JN132: The Finals IV: "Partner"

    So, contrary to all the positivity here, I actually didn't enjoy this that much, aside from the final blow. Overall, this four episode long battle certainly does not surpass Ash vs Paul as being the best battle of the show. To start with, that Eternatus sub-plot was just a complete waste of...
  4. Kairyu

    Review JN131: The Finals III: "The Strongest"

    This was disappointing. The weakest of the Leon episodes so far, despite having the best animation. I think it mostly boils down to it just not being fun to watch one side being so overly dominant over the other for the entirety of the episode (sans that brief Dracovish moment). The Z-move vs...
  5. Kairyu

    Preview JN129: The Finals I: "Torrent"

    Just feels so boring that Ash's using the full JN team again. Is really one reserve or surprise mon too much to ask for? Remember how Tomioka talked about all these "big surprises" that were coming in the M8 interview some time ago... well, all that amounted to were some low effort cameos where...
  6. Kairyu

    Have Battles Lost Their Touch?

    IMO, the main issue boils down to the fact that we're back to ol' Iwane as the only reliable good animator again, just like in the old (pre-XY) days. If we get an upcoming action episode and he's not listed, I immediately get worried for the quality of said episode. This was never an issue in SM...
  7. Kairyu

    Review JN125: The Semifinals IV: "Impact"

    Simply not good enough as a whole. A 3-parter Ash vs Cynthia champion tier fight and I wouldn't even rank it in top 15 best battles in this show. First part was slow and boring with that Hypnosis stuff that we've seen a million times already. Fights that rely on a status condition that doesn't...
  8. Kairyu

    Preview JN125: The Semifinals IV: "Impact"

    Very worried about the animation quality here. Some of those shots look okay, but some of it also looks absolutely horrendous, like that dynamax attack from Togekiss in the beginning. It's like it was launched with slow motion in 5 fps or something. Ugh. Not worthy of being the final part of a...
  9. Kairyu

    Review JN123: The Semifinals II: "Dazzle"

    Overall quite meh. Still same problem as earlier battles: an excessive amount of switching as well as talking by the various spectators, which ultimately results in a time crunch with knockouts happening too fast and then there not being enough time for actual brawling in a continuous sequence...
  10. Kairyu

    Review JN122: The Semifinals I: "Overwhelming Victory"

    I finally watched the ep and I don't get what all the fuss is about. The "lost at the league" segment barely took any significant time out of the episode - seems like a big exaggeration from the fandom how it "ruined" everything. The Cynthia backstory in the beginning was great and there...
  11. Kairyu

    Review JN118: Satoshi Goes into Battle! VS Daigo!!

    The main issue with these fights, other than the fact that the animation isn't very good, is that there's simply not enough time available for the fights to feel satisfactory. Forcing certain mons to job quickly (Dracovish in this case) so the other matchups can get said time does not feel good...
  12. Kairyu

    Review JN117: VS Shirona! Iris's Road to Dragon Master!!

    Credit where credit is due - all the callbacks to both past companions as well as the interactions Cynthia's had with Iris involving both her Dragonite and Axew added some additional weight to the episode. Also, the ice-cold way Cynthia acted when Excadrill got blasted into the wall and when her...
  13. Kairyu

    Preview JN116: Champions' Pride! Wataru VS Carne!!

    Absolutely atrocious animation in the preview.
  14. Kairyu

    Preview Masters Tournament special preview

    Absolutely terrible animation in that preview. Current copium is that Master's 8 is going to be a long arc and this covers just the first few episodes, and that we get the good looking fights later on.
  15. Kairyu

    Review JN110: The Battle Royale of Betrayal!

    I liked the setup and the general idea of the episode, with Goh doing the mission alone without Ash in the way, and teaming up and battling his way trough. Sadly, the absolutely dreadful animation ruined everything else.
  16. Kairyu

    Preview JN109: VS Kibana! Battle for Masters Eight!!

    The animation and art look absolutely terrible. They've hidden a lot of this in the preview using recycled Iwane footage, but when the episode airs and people see the complete picture there are going to be a lot of complaints about this. And with all right - these high stakes battles deserve...
  17. Kairyu

    Preview JN104: Hyper Class! VS Dracaena of The Big Four!!

    Yikes... that's some stiff looking animation for the PWC match. And here I was hoping Iwane was gonna show up, being an elite four battle and all. Back to mediocrity...
  18. Kairyu

    Review JN099: Mary of Spike Town!

    The pacing of the episode as a whole wasn't as awful as I thought it would be, things actually flowed quite well. That said, as is usually the case with gmax/dmax battles in the anime: they are really damn awful. Literally two mons taking turns firing of ranged attacks at each other making it...
  19. Kairyu

    Music One, Two, Three (Version 4)

    Still the same song? No Shinji in the opening? F off!
  20. Kairyu

    Preview JN099: Mary of Spike Town!

    Sure, Tomioka as a writer is great and all, but... ...those two are a bad sign. I checked what they've produced previously and they've only ever done stuff that's looked average at best. So I guess we can forget this battle being visually impressive, unless Maenami or some other freelancer...
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