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  1. Wowy

    Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet to be re-released in South Korea; Regigigas codes, Regigigas and Shaymin V cards to be distributed

    Nintendo Korea has announced that the eleventh Pokémon animated movie, Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin will be theatrically released in South Korea on June 1st this year. Fans who see the movie in cinemas will be able to receive a selection of special gifts in commemoration of this...
  2. Wowy

    GO Pokémon GO Friend Code Sharing, Gifts and Trading Thread

    I'll add my code here as well in light of the Celebi task and because I still have plenty of space! ID: 8156 0928 8791. Location: Australia. My user name is similar to my name here on the forums (Wowy)! I'll also add some who added your numbers here!
  3. Wowy

    Bad Ad Reporting Thread

    Bad ad: ezgzz.74dhvyxppo3k.j2sgn.site Got redirected to the ad before I could even log in
  4. Wowy

    Bulbapedia Quick question about the Connection Orb page

    They were actually facing in different directions!! I know that you were trawling through videos when you made this table (thanks for the hard work!), but since then I've recruited all Pokemon (well...except Arceus) and have confirmed which is which. ;)
  5. Wowy

    Bulbapedia Quick question about the Connection Orb page

    Fixed. I thought there might have been a reason for it, but I can't currently think of one
  6. Wowy

    FT: NA Shiny Silvally code

    Hi there! I've got one North American Shiny Silvally code. Mainly looking for USUM Apricorn Pokemon (or the Apricorn balls) :) Offer away!
  7. Wowy

    GEN VII: LF: Marshadow FT: See inside

    Well, good enough for me. Did you want to trade now?
  8. Wowy

    GEN VII: LF: Marshadow FT: See inside

    Hey Akinai. I've got a spare NA Gamestop Marshadow code! I can exchange it for a shiny Spoink. Btw, can the Spoink be nicknamed? And is it cloned (I'm not particularly fond of cloned shinies)?
  9. Wowy

    GEN VII: LF: 4-6IV foreign Ditto

    Yes, it's 6IV. And no worries about the Growlithe! If you ever need the Ditto, I'll be happy to trade with the Love Ball Torchic!
  10. Wowy

    GEN VII: LF: 4-6IV foreign Ditto

    I can give you a spare Ditto. Does an English Ditto count as foreign if you're going to breed with Japanese Pokemon? A shiny Growlithe sounds nice!
  11. Wowy

    The Shiny Encounters Thread

    I hatched a Shiny Snorunt and encountered a Shiny Zubat on the same day!! I'm usually very unlucky with shinies and these two are my first shinies since Sun came out. :) :)
  12. Wowy

    GO Pokémon GO Adventure Log & Stories Thread!

    I got super lucky today! Caught a Mantine, Skarmory and Shuckle in one day! :) Still looking for many more!
  13. Wowy

    Which opening themes have you never skipped?

    I've never skipped any. My favourite ones for each generation would be: Pokemon Theme, Pokemon Johto, Battle Frontier, We Will be Heroes (not a fan of the DP rap), Rival Destinies, Pokemon Theme XY. But, my all time favourite would be the Korean XYZ opening, Remember Times.
  14. Wowy

    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Love the update and thanks for the effort! The new format is very smart as it keeps the type and the egg groups distinct. :)
  15. Wowy

    Special Pokeball Shop: Trading 150+ Pokemon! (Updated 12/20)

    I'm also on now! EDIT: Thanks for the trade!
  16. Wowy

    Special Pokeball Shop: Trading 150+ Pokemon! (Updated 12/20)

    Just the Drifloon is good thanks! I'm free now so tell me when you're ready to go online
  17. Wowy

    Special Pokeball Shop: Trading 150+ Pokemon! (Updated 12/20)

    I've got all yours bred. :) But the Moon Ball Drifloon sounds good if you to want to do a trade for that this time. Or we can do that another time if you wish! EDIT: I'll need to take a break for dinner
  18. Wowy

    GEN VII: Offering shiny Exeggcute

    Ok, sorry for the bungle! Hope all goes well!
  19. Wowy

    Special Pokeball Shop: Trading 150+ Pokemon! (Updated 12/20)

    I'll take Heavy Ball Vanillite, Heavy ball Wimpod, Friend Ball Solosis, Moon Ball Komala, Lure Ball Goomy, Lure Ball HA Pyukumuku, Love Ball Oricorio, Moon Ball Litwick. That makes 8, but you're always updating your list so there's bound to be something that interests me later!
  20. Wowy

    Special Pokeball Shop: Trading 150+ Pokemon! (Updated 12/20)

    I have Adamant, Modest and Timid Oshawott with Egg moves Air Slash, Brine, Copycat, and Night Slash. Did you want any (or all) of these? And were you interested in the others ones I had (Moon Ball Vullaby, Friend Ball Trapinch, Friend Ball Sewaddle, Level Ball Axew, Lure Ball Bagon, and Level...
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