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  1. farewell friend

    Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol.5

    Hello everyone!! What are you up to??
  2. farewell friend

    How are you feeling today? Vol. 2

    I'm a bit tired since I woke up earlier than usual, but other than that, I'm okay :)
  3. farewell friend

    What are you currently thinking about?

    What I'm going to do after I finish this group meeting :D (Maybe get some coffee?)
  4. farewell friend

    Hey there!

    Hey, thanks so much! Yeah, I remember you :) I have added you to my Switch!
  5. farewell friend

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    I recently bought Blue Reflection: Second Light and Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle because they were on sale :D I'm always on the look-out for when my wishlisted items are on sale! I've especially been waiting for Second Light to go on sale for MONTHS now c: So glad I caught it on sale this time.
  6. farewell friend

    Do you watch Let's Plays?

    I love watching Let's plays! I usually have a Youtube video playing in the background as I do something on the PC anyway. I like watching series of games instead of just one standalone video, so I keep watching episode after episode and it gives me something to do. Sometimes, you get invested...
  7. farewell friend

    Non-Pokémon Monster-Collecting Games

    Coromon, Monster Sanctuary, Digimon, Nexomon, Cassette Beasts. There's a lot of monster-catching games :D
  8. farewell friend

    What consoles do you own?

    I just have a Nintendo Switch Lite c:
  9. farewell friend

    Pancakes or Waffles?

    Waffles :D
  10. farewell friend

    Your newest purchase or gift

    I bought a new purple silicon cover for my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. In addition, I also bought two new Switch games.
  11. farewell friend

    What are you currently thinking about?

    I've been scouring Amazon for all the things I want to make my perfect pink gaming set-up. There's the keyboard, the chair, the mic, the stand for my controllers, etc.... So far I just got the new silicon cover for my Switch Pro Controller :) It came today :D It's cute and purple.
  12. farewell friend

    What makes you happy?

    Lots and lots of coffee.
  13. farewell friend

    How's the weather over there? (Vol. 2)

    It's like 95 F where I live it's so HOT.
  14. farewell friend

    How are you feeling today? Vol. 2

    I feel great today :) Lately I've been well. I hope you, reading this, feel well too.
  15. farewell friend

    Whats your favorite game other than Pokemon?

    As of right now I'd have to say P3P or Monster Menu (at in terms of just being able to play mindlessly).
  16. farewell friend

    What *one* video game could you play for the rest of your Iife?

    Probably Persona or Pokemon.
  17. farewell friend

    Do you mostly use your Switch docked or Handheld?

    I have a Switch Lite so it's handheld all the time. Actually, I usually play with an external controller and a stand--my preferred way of playing.
  18. farewell friend

    Favorite genre of game?

    I love first person dungeon crawlers. Or dungeon crawlers in general :)
  19. farewell friend

    What video games are you playing now?

    I've recently started playing Pokemon Legends Arceus after a long hiatus. Yesterday I played some Monster Menu. I might play more Arceus tonight, or Neptunia or Phantom Breaker.
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