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  1. H

    favorite name for gen 5 region

    Isshu and Teselia. Isshu is also great for puns. And I just seem to have an Isshu with pronuncing "U"s like yoo and not ooh.
  2. H

    who do you ship Paul with?

    I ship him with Ash and now Dento; the latter for fantasies. I also ship him with myself but that doesnt count.
  3. H

    General Pokémon: Black and White Preview Thread

    I love the name Trip. It's the name of a main character from my longest going original anime/manga series. But I don't like Shooti. WAH UNFAIR he doesn't deserve a cool name like that! Off to my Greasemonkey to write a new line in code. A line that I wish I didn't have to write.
  4. H

    Localized Names

    Re: English names I predicted Skylar for Fuuro's name and I got it almost completely right. I'm still gonna call her Skylar because one letter isn't much of a difference and Skyla without the R makes me sound like a New Yorker... although I am, but I don't have much of an accent. I like Lenora...
  5. H

    Pokémon: Black & White to premiere on Feb. 12: New season to premiere with a one hour

    Re: Pokémon: Black & White to premiere on Feb. 12: New season to premiere with a one Maybe they're going back to their roots like how the anime seems to be going back to its roots. The first bunch of episodes in the series had no puns like Ash Catches a Pokemon and Mystery at the Lighthouse...
  6. H

    Which season has your favorite art style?

    I like the smooth and the bright/rich. I like DP to BW and I also like the Raikou Special. However, I like some of the older eye styles. I like the old style irises because they were odd and unique.
  7. H

    English names for Iris and Dent revealed: Iris to keep her name while Dent's name cha

    Re: English names for Iris and Dent revealed: Iris to keep her name while Dent's name I ... actually don't mind the name Cilan. But I have a special connection with the name Dento. Yes, with the extra 'o' at the end. Dento is my favorite BW character. But I like Cilan. It's not overly corny...
  8. H

    Localized Names

    Re: English names At first I was mad enough to punch my wall (and then realize that plaster is a lot tougher than sheetrock which my wall is of the former) but then I realized that I had a Greasemonkey script that replaces names Unova I can't STAND. To start, I read it as Uno + va. Snivy...
  9. H

    Sugimori Artwork

    I'm glad the gym leader art finally was released. I'm cool with Shikimi but good god Iris's shirt is a bit low-cut for someone who looks around 10 years old. Shaga's suspenders are kewl and Cattleya looks sexy. I'm glad Sugimori changed her old eyes, they turned me off.
  10. H

    Old Episodes better than new?

    I think people here are getting confused between what's good or not or what they like personally. While I like DP and Johto the best, I won't deny that the show is improving every new saga that comes out. I hate how close-minded Pokemon fans blindly claim that the new episodes are nothing but...
  11. H

    Review BW005: Sanyou Gym! VS Baoppu, Hiyappu and Yanappu!!

    Not just Erica but more Janet (May's first Pokemon contest), Britney from Johto Igglybuff and Evelyn from that Houen episode about the Relicanth There may be another recycled girl there but I don't recognize anymore. I find it cool how Pokemon recycles designs.
  12. H

    Do you feel sorry for Wobbufet being left behind?

    Almost. But after seeing so many characters leave in this show, I've learned to try to not get too upset when they leave or else I'd be a very depressed person by now. In fact, these days, I welcome a lot of changes. It is a bit surprising considering he was so popular. But we need a fresh start.
  13. H

    Why do the English writers of the Anime use titles based on other titles?

    I'm with Dogasu, however, the easiest way for me to identify an episode (at least in DP) is by number. Plus I can use this method for looking up episodes in Bulbapedia. Saying DP40 is easier than saying either of the episode titles.
  14. H

    "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes" - coming this fall!

    This I'm not really into his design. The photography part has me somewhat interested though.
  15. H

    "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes" - coming this fall!

    I'm thinking of that too. Sure I'd like a change but I can tell you like them. I'd be upset if they touched Shinji's design (other than his outfit) I can't wait to see PokemonTrainerLisa's reaction to the new Ash. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Clair#In_the_anime You can't see her face...
  16. H

    "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes" - coming this fall!

    I'm just shocked that they'd change Ash's eyes. I know they changed Gary, Clair, and Jasmine (in season 5 her eyes were blue). It's just a shock that they'd do it to the main character of the show. I have mixed feeling about it. I like Ash having new things about him (his outfit has an...
  17. H

    "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes" - coming this fall!

    Currently uploading HD shots I took from the trailer... Imageshack seems to go much slower when you really want it fast A lot of Ash, no Shooti though
  18. H

    Things That Would Never Happen But It Would Be Cool If They Did

    A huge tournament with all the gymleaders. All of them. Best animation directors. We'd give gymleaders like Falkner, Bugsy and Flannery more screentime.
  19. H

    "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes" - coming this fall!

    The only one I'm looking forward to is Iris. The rest of the characters, bar the new nurse don't really look too great. The good thing is that Iris will be a main character. After Shinji, Shuuti just pales.
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