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    SPECULATION: Generation VI: The Future

    One main way I'm seeing how long Generation VI lasts is by seeing how long this current anime saga lasts, and seeing how fast Ash gets badges in Kalos...... I guess I should've rephrased that- when has the series as a whole (including the games without hacking, the official site, the anime...
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    SPECULATION: Generation VI: The Future

    But when have they ever debuted a species of Pokémon of the next generation before debuting all of the ones for the current one? I don't know for sure any time they've done that (and I can't think of any reason why they would do that). After Hoopa there's still one species of Pokémon left in...
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    Dogasu's Backpack Discussion

    So I was on the Archives page and I came across this... Quote like these I find amusing considering how long ago this one was......................
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    Official Pokémon DVD Release/Discussion Thread

    Hmm... I guess, then, the discussions about the DVD quality and etc. mentioned in that earlier thread would be in this thread now? The "Complete" Collection......... buuuuuuuut I'm assuming those two Orange Island episodes containing Jynx in the dub will be gone in this release since they...
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    The Region 1 Pokemon DVDs are terrible and yet nobody cares

    I'm sure it's a cycle. TPCI/VIZ don't put this stuff on new Pokemon DVD releases --> not many people bother buying Pokemon DVDs --> TPCI/VIZ don't put this stuff on new Pokemon DVD releases --> not many people bother buying Pokemon DVDs --> TPCI/VIZ don't put this stuff on new Pokemon DVD...
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    The Region 1 Pokemon DVDs are terrible and yet nobody cares

    One of my favorite English Pokemon DVD releases was that of Pokemon 4Ever. English and Japanese trailer, a commentary (while I didn't like all of 4Kids dub edits practices, I liked hearing what they had to say. Honestly, I still wish to hear stuff from 4Kids workers who edited their One Piece...
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    The Region 1 Pokemon DVDs are terrible and yet nobody cares

    Eh... I know special features are technically bonuses, but since they're so often found on various DVDs for series in general, having special features seems like a standard, IMO. Most DVDs don't just settle for the movies and the episodes of something. I do think people are allowed to have the...
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    MUSIC: Background music of the show

    I thought that even in Japan (not just Western countries) GT wasn't very well liked. (Sure it got DVD releases from the latter 2000s, but still...) If that is true, I assumed that it not getting a full soundtrack had something to do with that. In any case, I don't think the different Megaman NT...
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    MUSIC: Background music of the show

    I can't think of many other mainstream anime series where one has to wonder if a soundtrack is going to be released... Maybe it's just me, but... =/
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    Should Ash Re-challenge the Kanto Gym Leaders whom he got the "Free Badges" from?

    Wasn't that in accident, the thing with the sprinklers? Oh well, Brock knew that and gave Ash the badge so... okay. But for this next one... ... Ash tried to have Pikachu battle and it didn't want to. Ash couldn't/didn't convince Pikachu to battle against Misty, so the sisters using that as a...
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    Umm..Was this really needed?

    Thing is, what point was there of keeping the guy's name as "Blue" from Gen III on? I do wish the franchise as a whole was on the same page and decided to have the guy's name be "Green" from that gen on. If they wanted all the "Greens" to be "Blues", I think the least that could've been done...
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    Everyone's Favorite Anime Music Piece?

    Oh gosh, don't get me started. XD For now, anyway, I'll list one- it's Japanese music, and one of the pieces not adapted from the games. It's technically called "1997~1998-M31B", but it's an alternate version of the BGM piece "Densetsu"/"Legend". Not sure if it's my most favorite piece- maybe...
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    What references to older sagas would you like to see in XY?

    Can background music be involved with this? Because apparently they haven't been using background music from the oldest of series. (I'm talking about Japan and Japanese music, at least.) I'm sure that, the more BGM gets made, the more the makers in Japan would rather focus on music from the...
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    REVIEW: S17 EP01: Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!

    I also think the make-or-breakness between some people is partially because this is the 6th generation of Pokemon when it comes to Pokemon episodes, and the 9th season for TPCI (17th in total), so for dubbers not to keep the score by this point has just made them give up on Pokemon as an English...
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    Should TPCI re-dub mewtwo strikes back?

    Pokemon makers in Japan likely just figured that 4Kids, being in America, knew how to better appeal to American kids than Japan did and that whatever changes 4Kids made were fine. Not that I agree with every change 4Kids made, but if that's the mindset Japan had, I think that makes sense...
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    Should TPCI re-dub mewtwo strikes back?

    Still, there'd be too little gain from TPCI's point of view for doing this. I think the amount of people who dislike the dub for this Pokemon movie is much larger than with every other Pokemon movie, but TPCI would still need a bunch of people who... - dislike the 4Kids dub - want a redub...
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    NEWS: Pokémon: The Origin!

    I'm kinda surprised the Japanese animators didn't edit things to make his jacket blue for non-Japanese audiences (with the worldwide release of X and Y, meaning released also in countries that started out with Red and Blue- also since Lenora's outfit was changed, which I can imagine would've...
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    Team Rocket's Blasting Off Again!

    I still wish just once, Team Rocket would let themselves get blasted off, then after that twinkle in the sky, they fly back to the scene with jet packs and strike Ash and friends again, grabbing certain small Pokemon. After they lose that battle... well, I don't know what would happen.
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    REVIEW: M16: ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens / PK25: Pikachu and Eievui Friends

    If you're interested, the Japanese Amazon website is one of the places where you can legally hear samples of some of the pieces of music from this movie and mini-movie.
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    MUSIC: Background music of the show

    From the music I've heard of the different series, original series (especially Kanto) for me. It's my favorite partially from nostalgia, but also significantly because I felt that the original series had a lot of tracks that made episodes feel more adventurous/emotional than other sagas- Legend...