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  1. DragonKahuna

    Which one was the best season in Best Wishes series ?

    There are only two or three episodes unknown, and BW will leave for letting XY (^^) joining us. So I know that Best Wishes was not good at all, but which season do you think was the most interesting ? Discuss...
  2. DragonKahuna

    How do you think Best Wishes Series will end ?

    There are only some episodes left. As BW138 will air in 22.August, and in 29 will be a break, there are only 6 episodes left, until the 17th of Octocer when XY Anime will start. (I don't think there will be any other week break) ...
  3. DragonKahuna


    I came across this image in twitter. And I thought to publish it here. It says that there are 14 NEW Pokemon names from 6th Generation, that may be real. Below is the link and the image. And also I found an image of Orotto. They said that this could possibly it's official design. It is...
  4. DragonKahuna

    If you lived in the Pokemon world, what would your trainer class and team be?

    Let's say that...Our world is inhabitated by Pokemon. We could see Pidgey, Starly, Pidove etc. flying up in every place. And like the regions, every country would have it's own Pokemon League(Gyms, Elite 4 and Champion). Also a Pokemon Professor would be part of it. Maybe we would have a...
  5. DragonKahuna

    Ash's friends appear in BW last episodes or XY anime.What Team Changes do you want ?

    As I really like to speculate about the Anime characters Pokemon Team(Party)..I thought to make this thread. Discuss/Speculate here what changes in their Pokemon Team would you want to see, if they would appear in the Anime series. Mine would be : Ash : In Ash's team I would like to see...