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    COMPLETE: Truth (Oneshot) (EVERYONE)

    Hello! If you've seen any of my stuff on FFnet you might remember a silly old thing called Green and White I wrote back in 2012. Well heads up because this fic you see before you is a sequel. Why? Well, I wanted to revisit the characters and see how they and my writing skills have evolved...
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    COMPLETE: Crater Dreams (Oneshot)

    Hello! Before you read this story a few things about it: This story was initially written as an entry to a contest on another forum. However, this time I decided to use the judges' feedback to actually revise the story I had, rather than writing a new story with the same themes and concepts...
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    COMPLETE: Caging Destruction (Oneshot) (TEEN)

    Hey all! This is... my first proper fanfic published on this site in almost three years. Wow. Anyway, this here oneshot is a spiritual successor to a oneshot I wrote for a contest on another site. When the contest results came in I decided the original story was flawed enough that I wanted to...
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    EVERYONE: Problems resurrecting my fic

    Warning: this can get a little melodramatic. Way, way back in early January of this year, I started my first attempt at a long-running piece of fanfiction. It was called "The Pokemon World: A History." It managed to get a few fans, and I was personally proud of the work I'd done. But...
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    What are you nicknaming your other Pokemon?

    There's a starter nickname thread, but I haven't found one for the others. What are you going to nickname your team members other than your starter? Heck, what are you gonna nickname any of your Pokemon? As for my team: Yanakkie - dunno. can't really think of any good fictional monkeys/apes...
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    TEEN: The Long March Of Time (Chapter 6 up!)

    The Long March of Time Formerly known as "The Pokemon World: A History". EDIT: Removed the rant. I think it's scaring potential readers off. EDIT2: Table of Contents: Introduction (this post) Chapter 1: Origins Chapter 2: Worldbuilding Chapter 3: Primeval Chapter 4: Forerunners Chapter 5...
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    Are we too hard on Disney?

    They are regarded with fear, loathing, and malice. They are said to have "out-Bowlderized Bowlder", second only to 4kids in the amount of censorship they do. Their mascot has been killed horribly, or prortrayed as a sadistic tyrant, in various countercultural media. I'm talking about the...
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    Starting fresh at Bulbagarden

    Warning: long post is loooong. Please take the time to read through all of it, if you have time. Hello, my name is InsaneTyranitar, and I've been a Pokemon fan since the days of Red and Blue. I'm not a competitive battler, but I have an in-depth knowledge of the games, and still maintain a...