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  1. Nerd Violence

    Wollminster's Winter Market: Christmas 2017

    Picking up: 02 Psychic Gems, 02 Heat Rocks, 11 Yummi Gummis, and 11 Figy Berries. Of the 11 gummis: Feeding 05 to Ahi the Eevee. Feeding 05 to Kehili the Eevee. Feeding 01 to Pahalo the Mandibuzz.
  2. Nerd Violence

    Wollminster's Winter Market: Christmas 2017

    "It's the most wonderful time of the year." It's a statement repeated with cheer. But for one lonesome youth, t'was far from the truth, for she had neither family nor peer. Haawi was a bird with a goal, to give gifts while the silver bells toll. But with each passing hour, her companion grew...