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  1. Enzap

    Introducing the New Mods!

    Thank you very much to everyone who sent in applications during our staff drive. I know this process started quite a while ago, but we are finally ready to announce our new additions to the mod team. Thank you for your patience with us. In Pokémon Video Games and our new Sword & Shield...
  2. Enzap

    This is a Wooloo Appreciation Thread

    Wooloo has taken the world by storm, and for good reason. It's round. It's fluffy. It's sheep. What more could you want. Share why you love Wooloo and all other Wooloo related content here! If you share fanart please give the artist credit and/or provide a link to the source
  3. Enzap

    Bulbagarden Staff Drive May 2019

    Hey guys! I'm very pleased to announce that Bulbagarden is hosting a forum staff drive. We are looking for applicants for the following sections: Pokémon Video Games & Current Event: Sword & Shield Pokémon Anime & Manga General Pokémon Discussion Writer's Workshop Applicants will have two...
  4. Enzap

    MEMO: Blogs are Back! But a bit different now

    I'm happy to announce that our replacement for the old Blogs system is here! We have created a subforum under Outside the Box to fill the void after our update to XenForo 2. You may notice that things look pretty different from the old system. Being a forum instead of a more traditional blog...
  5. Enzap

    Welcome to BulbaBlogs! - Introduction and Rules

    Welcome to our new Bulbagarden Forums Blog section! In this section, you can create your own thread and fill it with whatever you want. Really, your blog is completely customizable based on what you want to use it for. You want to post pictures from your trips around the world? Awesome! You want...
  6. Enzap

    ATTENTION: Forum Software Upgrade Next Weekend

    At some point next weekend (tentatively Saturday, the 19th) the forums are going to be closed for maintenance while we upgrade the forum software to XenForo 2! We're not quite sure how long the upgrade will take, but it could be in the ballpark of up to 24 hours. When we get back, everything's...
  7. Enzap

    Pokémon Wiz: Kanto Edition

    Welcome to the Bulbagarden guessing game, Pokémon Wiz! In this game, you will be presented with a series of clues and you will try to connect the dots to guess what they all have in common. Any and all are welcome to participate in any amount you wish! How to play: Beginning Monday, November...
  8. Enzap

    POTW: Pokémon of the Week #100: Rhyhorn, Rhydon, & Rhyperior

    First off, I would like to apologize for the extended break in this series, but I am very excited to be writing the 100th Pokémon of the Week entry! Thank you so much to all of those who have contributed and commented along the way. The goal was always to release one spotlight a week, but from...
  9. Enzap

    Halloween Spooktacular 2018

    Happy Halloween! Greetings dwellers of Bulbagarden forums. In preparation for this Hallow's Eve, the moderators are shedding their cheerful exoskeletons to reveal the nefarious true forms lurking beneath. Many of us have changed our names and themes to that of a villain from a video game...
  10. Enzap

    Note on Harassment on Bulbagarden

    Like many corners of the internet, Bulbagarden is a great place to meet people and make friends. However, it is inevitable that sometimes relationships don't turn out to be positive. The staff wanted to take this time to remind everyone that Bulbagarden has a zero tolerance policy of any form of...
  11. Enzap

    LGPE's Staying Power

    Pokémon GO was not only culturally relevant for longer than anyone expected a Pokémon mobile game to be, there are a lot of people who played it Day 1 who are still hooked today. It has accomplished this longevity by rewarding the collection process better than any main series Pokémon game has...
  12. Enzap

    GardenGarden Forums Welcome Thread (April Fool's 2018)

    Welcome to GardenGarden forums, the original gardening community. We are currently the #1 discussion site for all things gardening, farming, and produce. Feel free to peruse our exquisite Potato Forums for all of your basic gardening needs, seek tips from experienced producers in The Cabbage...
  13. Enzap

    MEMO: Bullying PSA

    Recently, we have noticed cases of users attacking and publically shaming others for their opinions and posts. This is considered bullying and is NOT tolerated on this site. Any action that creates a hostile environment for another user falls under our Flaming and Harassment rules and will be...
  14. Enzap

    Staff Drive 2018 Results!!!

    Howdy all! First I'd like to thank everybody once again for all of the time and effort you put into your applications. It means a lot to us to see so much interest in keeping the site running on all fronts. :) So now here are the users who we selected from the applicant pool: Staff Artists...
  15. Enzap

    Your Favorite Character as a Pokémon Trainer

    Sometimes it's fun for me to imagine what kind of team various characters or celebrities would have if they were in the Pokémon world. What Pokémon would best represent their personality? Would they have a consistent theme, like a shared type, or would they be a mishmash of all sorts of Pokémon...
  16. Enzap

    Bulbagarden Staff Drive 2018 Is Now Live! [No Longer Accepting Applications]

    Hello all! I'm very pleased to announce that Bulbagarden is hosting a site-wide staff drive. We are looking for applicants for the following roles: Bulbanews Writer Bulbanews Japanese Translator Staff Artist Social Media Contributor Forums Moderator Applicants will have two weeks from this...
  17. Enzap

    Major Staff and Forum Structure Changes!

    Howdy everyone! It's been an exciting couple of days for the staff resulting in a lot to announce so buckle up tight. STAFF PROMOTIONS First of all, you may be wondering why @dig isn't making this announcement. Well he's currently helping out overseeing Bulbagarden's functioning as a whole, so...
  18. Enzap

    MEMO: PotW is Off this Week, So Give Us Ideas!

    Due to the staff being busy with school and holiday events, there will be no Pokémon of the Week this week. Take this opportunity to tell us what Pokémon you'd like to see discussed this month. We'll try to get at least one seasonally relevant one in there so if you can connect your favorite...
  19. Enzap

    POTW: Pokémon of the Week #70: Farfetch'd

    In the World of Pokémon, there lives a vast number and variety of amazing creatures to befriend and collect. Every week, we will be focusing on a single one of these Pokémon or evolutionary line and talking about what makes it special. Because many American users just celebrated Thanksgiving...
  20. Enzap

    POTW: Pokémon of the Week #68: Swinub, Piloswine, & Mamoswine

    In the World of Pokémon, there lives a vast number and variety of amazing creatures to befriend and collect. Every week, we will be focusing on a single one of these Pokémon or evolutionary line and talking about what makes it special. This week's Pokémon of choice is the Swinub line! Since...