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  1. Lucifer Angel

    Official New Dub Episode Title Announcement Thread

    New Dub Title Here's the title to eppy 37 "A Grass Menagerie"
  2. Lucifer Angel

    New dub title

    Here's eppy 36's title. "A Secret Sphere of Influence"
  3. Lucifer Angel

    new Dub Title

    Here's the name of eppy 35. "An Elite Meet and Greet"
  4. Lucifer Angel

    Another new Rival for Dawn?

    I wonder who this character is that was shown in the preview for th next eppy?
  5. Lucifer Angel

    New Dub Title

    According to tvguide.com the dubbed title for eppy 6 is called "Different Stroked for Different Blokes"
  6. Lucifer Angel

    D/P's Start Date

    Seems D/P will start on March 10th that's what the sech thread at toonzone says. Will check cartoon network this weekend to see if it's true which i hope it is.
  7. Lucifer Angel

    The Last Battle Frontier Title

    According to CN the final episode of BF is called "Home is Where the Start Is" Found this on the sech page on cartoon network.