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    Top 10 Pokemon Who Need A Mega Evolution

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfrXSo2FRJY Just something I did. I might make more top 10 videos, I dunno.
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    2013 North Indian Floods

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    Forme changes through items?

    You see, whenever a Pokemon is introduced that uses an overworld item, or an inventory item to change it's forme, that item always HAS to be in the next games. Examples- Deoxys Meteorites - They have been in every game since Gen III, as to not **** up a trainer who just got a Deoxys. Creation...
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    My Little Pony: Fallout (Me and Chromia)

    Faction: Celestia's Leigon - Led by an alicorn named Celestia, they have embraced the ancient way of the alicorns and diverted to ampllifying their magic 10 times their original power. They use this magic to forcefully capture towns and cities- Their goal being to recolonize Equestria in...
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    MLP: Nightmare Quest (Me and Chromia)

    Nightmare Quest A prequel RP to War at hoof. Characters: Plot: --- IC --- Discord casually walked towards the throne room. "Wonder what is so important, eh, Celestia?" He asked.
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    Darkest Moment

    What do you think is dark enough to be called one of the darkest moments of the games, anime and manga? Sorry if this has already been posted. For me- 1: I think that the darkest moment in the PMD series has to be the Paralyzed Future. Specially when your team, Celebi and Groovyle are...
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    I have an idea...

    Well, I have an idea for a horror fic in the Pokemon universe. However, this is definitely not a creepypasta. I want to make it long and interesting. ...Still, I don't know if anyone would like the idea. The idea is that about one month ago before the story starts, there is an earthquake...
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    Star Mons: The Rise of the Galactic Overlord (Star-Trek based!)

    This is NOT a Star Trek crossover- but this is heavily based on it. This story is set in the year 2077. In 2020, Humanity and Pokemon discovered aliens. After the first contact, a friendly humanoid species shared the galactic technology with Humans, and soon Earth became an major planet in the...
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    Picture Story

    This was done before but died, and it is a really fun game. Basically we make a story with pictures, like... Rules: You may use live-action pictures, fanart, cartoon, etc. pictures. You may not use any mature pictures. All forum rules apply. If no reply to the story comes for two or...
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    My Little Pony: War at Hoof (Me and Royal Sovereign)

    War at Hoof Characters: Events: RP Map: Plot: IC: The team meeting had begun, and Luna was seated in a chair. There were eleven chairs for each commander and admiral. The chairs were around a big table, on which a big map was placed. Beside the map at Luna's side lay a magnifying...
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    SR's 9Th Sprite/Artwork Contest: Themed Awesomeness!

    Yes, after endless waiting for a tournament to crop up, I decided to make one! There are three themes- Space Castelia City Nature IMPORTANT: YOu can submit ART and Sprites. Space is self-explanatory, you will make something which looks it is from space, not a earthly thing. You...
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    My Little Pony: Oceanic Weather (Me and Godzillawolf)

    Plot: A hurricane storm has cornered Ponyville, and threatens whole Equestria. The Mane Six need to find out the reason behind this and stop it before the 'eye' of the hurricane reaches Canterlot Castle. Ponies were scared stiff, Animals and dragons deep inside their homes. Me- Spike Frozone...
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    EVERYONE: My Little Pony: Getting Back On Your Hooves (By Shadow Raikou & Godzillawolf)

    This is a fic of My Little Pony, written by Godzillawolf and me. We used our RP as a framework, and then added alot of things. We think that we will make sequel or prequel fics to this after this one is completed. Tell us what you think :) Chapter 1 'Unexpected Encounter” "Well, it’s nice to...
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    Adventures of Magic (A My Little Pony RP)

    Hello, This is a message from Princess Celestia. She has thought about a dangerous matter that threatens whole Equestria. Far beyond our wonderful world, A world of pure darkness lurks, and the residents of that world are invading Equestria. Reasons are unknown. We are in need of all species to...
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    TEEN: Pokémon: Origins (Manga/Games)

    You guys should know the manga well as well as the games to actually understand it. Actually the main purpose of this story was something else, Silver and Red were called to Sinnoh for a important task. The Important task that might change their lives forever. I will say that thi sis written...
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    Shadow Raikou's 8th Sprite Contest: Natural Habitats?!

    Finally, FINALLY. Another Sprite contest, i mean, The Sanctuary is all dead in terms of contests! The theme is: Natural Habitats. Now, By Natural habitats, I mean Natural habitats. xD. Your goal is to make a pokemon (Splice, or any other style) out of the habitats listed below. 1...
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    Some ideas, However one main question i got.

    I have great ideas of making some fics, Non-Pokemon and Pokemon alike. My first idea is of making a fanfic of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, In which side stories not in 'Main Journals' would be told. I know, this idea couldn't work out well without the comics but have to give it a shot. Second, A...
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    My first remix: Spook's Piano.

    Aaaand i am entering the Halloween contest with this. The Original track and author is Halloween Music 2009 from Club Penguin =D. Shadow Raikou: Remix- Spook's Piano. - YouTube And have your Volume a little down =D.
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    Transformers V- Stop Motion Series (Non-Pokemon) *Ep. 4 Up!*

    So this is my first stop motion Transformers series. This will have mostly movie toys, well, please rate! Episode 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85CUUkOibwg When Ravage and his followers captured Bumblebee, They brought him straight to the Moon Base. Megatron was not pleased meeting...
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    EVERYONE: Solving Mysteries: Pokemon Ranger Troop #10! (Mission 1- Part 1)

    Solving Mysteries: Pokemon Ranger Troop #10! is about a troop of Rangers with various missions, mostly solving mysteries and exploring places. More to add to this description. Members: Lucas Cyrus (Troop Leader) Kellyn Murph Katie Lilly Prequel of Mission #1: Temple of Arceus near...