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  1. Contest: Zekrom or Volcarona

    (Sorry I can't seem to get the pictures up)! So, who looks better, who do you find more useful and who do you just overly prefer? In terms of appearance its hard, I probably will have to vote both^_^
  2. Live action Bakugan movie in the works

    http://www.filmjunk.com/2010/12/23/live-action-bakugan-movie-in-the-works/ I'm not a fan of the series but I thought people/fans might want to know. Sorry if this is in the wrong area, I didn't know if it should be here or in the Japanese area?
  3. Contest: Darumaka or Pignite

    Which of the two do you prefer? or Personally I find both cute and cool looking at the same time and I like both of their evolutionary families^_^
  4. Contest: Purrloin or Zorua

    I did a thread for Liepard and Zoroark so now its time for a Purrloin and Zorua one. Which one do you like more? or Personally, whilst I like both I prefer Zorua^_^
  5. Contest: Liepard or Zoroark?

    or Personally I love both but if I had to choose I would pick Zoroark. It just looks so cool both in the games and in the anime^_^
  6. Contest: Sinnoh base starters or Unova base starters?

    Title says it all: or Which base forme starter trio do you like more? My vote would definitely go to the Isshu starter trio because: .Tsutarja looks cooler than Turtwig, .Mijumaru looks cuter then Piplup, .Not only is Pokabu more adorable than Chimchar but everything about it I love^_^ I...
  7. Contest: Audino or Musharna?

    or Who do you prefer? Personally I can't answer that right now, it's to hard but I must say, I am a fan of rabbits^_^
  8. Isshu Adventure! The road to Team Plasma! (Chapter 1 up)

    Hi everyone, I have been thinking of doing this story for awhile and have thought about alot of things I would like to do with it in the future so I hope you enjoy it^_^ In the future I also want you to have a say and now and then I will post polls asking what Pokemon you want to be caught next...
  9. Would you ever want a complete 3D Pokemon film?

    Recently both a Toriko and One Piece 3D film was announced to air in March next year. It got me thinking, whilst the chances are little to none, would you be happy if a complete 3D Pokemon film was released? Personally I am happy with the way the animation in the films is now^_^
  10. BW007 - Get Tsutarja With Attract!?

    This was posted by slowkingsley on Serebiiforums: From Terebi-kun. 28th October BW007 - Get Tsutarja With Attract!? 「ツタージャ・ゲットでメロメロ!?」 There is no summary yet.
  11. Contest: Step forme Meloetta or Voice forme?

    or Which Meloetta design do you personally prefer? I find both cute but personally I prefer the step forme of Meloetta better^_^
  12. Contest: Jirachi or Celebi?

    or Who would you rather use in battle and who do you find cuter? My vote goes to Jirachi^_^
  13. Japanese Pokemon movie trailers!

    Movie 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojwrm3eavQw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC17b0q6A6Q&feature=related Movie 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maL-tyDMux8 Mewtwo Returns Pokemon Special: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrjSXKhN8wU Movie 8...
  14. Can Jirachi ever appear in the anime again and do you want it to?

    I have thought about this for awhile. Can Jirachi ever appear in the anime again (this is in reference to it only awaking every 1000 years) and would you like it to appear again? Personally, I would love Jirachi to appear in another movie as movie 6 has got to be one of best movies so far...
  15. The official Bulbagarden forums claim a Pokemon thread!

    As I couldn't find the old thread and was granted permission by GrnMarvI13 this is now the claim a Pokemon thread on Bulbagarden forums. ---Rules--- 1. To make it fair each person can only claim 1 Pokemon and first come, first serve. 2. Claim only a Pokemon, not a character please. 3. If you...
  16. Contest: Cubchoo/Beartic or Teddiursa/Ursaring

    Which ones do you like more? Cubchoo and Beartic or Teddiursa and Ursaring? Personally, whilst I hope one day a panda Pokemon is made, I prefer Kumashun and Tsunbear because Kumashun is cuter then Teddiursa and Tsunbear looks cooler than Ursaring (and their ice types)^_^
  17. Are you looking forward to a more Ash oriented saga?

    As was expected, it would seem the "Best Wishes" saga will be more about Ash instead of Ash and Iris like how D/P was Ash and Dawn. Are you looking forward to Ash getting the more attention this saga? Personally I don't mind, Iris seems like a fun character who i'm sure may possibly play a...
  18. Do you think/would you like N to appear?

    I have seen some comments which surprisingly enough think that N won't be appearing at all during the "Best Wishes" saga even though he is technically the Team Plasma leader. So do you think, would you like him to appear? I personally think N would be an interesting character and he would be...
  19. Contest: Purrloin or Lillipup?

    Both are cute and I could imagine having either one on my team. I don't know which one I like more but I must admit, I love Purrloin's Pokedex entry^_^
  20. BW003: Mijumaru! Meguroko! Critical Moment!!

    I thought it would be better to have it's own thread seeing as it would be better to keep the speculation out of the Best Wishes thread and speculate in a thread made for speculating? No details were given of the episode but I would assume it would air on the 30th of September. Whilst...