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    FAQ: The Dream World- Official Discussion

    How do you access other Dream World stages? I have 2600+ points and going to the Dream Bridge just takes me directly to Pleasant Forest. EDIT: Never mind -_-; Randomly chooses what stage you go to I guess. First Pokémon encountered; Hoppip. The Pokémon I sent to my DS yesterday from the...
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    What kind of modification would you give existing moves?

    The biggest fan-change I currently agree with is the Stealth Rock change. Stealth Rock is broken only in the sense that it's so easy to setup; one layer effected by a VERY good offensive typing, not to mention the fact that a good chunk of Pokémon learn it, and it's purchasable now in HG/SS...
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    Aesthetics vs. functionality?

    I agree with your sentiments, and I raise you a 5 Kecleon + Regigigas team
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    Simple Questions, Simple (Or Not) Answers

    Question the second: Will Metal Powder/Quick Powder increase Dittos defenses/speed respectively even after they transform, or are they just their to buffer damage/get the initiative for transformation? Also, if you get a stat move up/down against Ditto [for example, a Gyrados intimidates Ditto]...
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    Simple Questions, Simple (Or Not) Answers

    Weird question; if you have the hold item Metronome attached to your Pokémon using metronome, will the moves you use in metronome increase in power?
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    CoroCoro Discussion Thread (Current Issue: October 2010)

    Re: CoroCoro Discussion Thread (Current Issue: July 2010) I think Gear is my favourite of the new reveals, just because he's so funny. Also the crocodile takes second AWESOME place.
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    CoroCoro Discussion Thread (Current Issue: October 2010)

    Re: CoroCoro Discussion Thread (Current Issue: July 2010) If it wasn't already a feature in PBR, maybe I'd be excited, but it's almost 4 years old; I think we should have expected it, honestly, because everyone wanted it. Speaking of PBR, I want to hear about Black and White 3D battling...
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    CoroCoro Discussion Thread (Current Issue: October 2010)

    Re: CoroCoro Discussion Thread (Current Issue: July 2010) So I posted my thoughts as my facebook status and comments! Status: "with the exception of Gear [because he reminds me of Bronzor and has either plus or minus as it's ability] and Chiramii [a great step up from Bidoof], pretty boring...
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    Underappreciated Pokémon

    Kecleon is strangely featured quite a lot; I wouldn't be surprised with an evolution. I'm hoping for an evolution not based on levelup, since I have like 6 Kecleons at level 100 [including a shiny one]. Mmm. Evolution.
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    Least Memorable Pokemon?

    Dunsparce [despite being known for being unknown] Qwilfish Vibrava. I knew Trapinch, I knew Flygon... I never knew what Vibrava was when I played Colloseum and fought one.
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    Your favourite Pokémon game?

    Re: Best Pokemon Game Platinum, hands down. I enjoyed Diamond and Pearl a lot, but admittedly, there were flaws. Mostly in Pokémon availability. Platinum fixed that, which to me means they paid attention to the problems present in the past titles. For the most part, everytime they make a...
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    Underappreciated Pokémon

    Well then, let's change that. I think Kecleon is very underappreciated. While he doesn't have the highest attack, he has a very respectable attack stat, amazing special defense, and a ridiculously huge move pool, Nasty Plot egg move making even special sets viable. Kecleon is a lot of fun to...
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    Biggest fail moment so far?

    I love awkward zombie, she seems to be crazy about Pokemon lately too She already touched on this subject XD
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    YOU are a Gym Leader (or Elite Four)

    Re: If you were a gym leader... Well, this is a team I'd use as a, "Champion," in my fanmade/run league, but sure, Gym Leader! Town: Name: PJ Type: Fire Pokémon: Ambipom Magmar Ninetales Kecleon Infernape I only have 5 Pokémon since gym leaders don't ever have 6. Rematch...
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    4th Gen Trainer's Travelog

    Re: Trainer's Travelog Just an update on the training of my HG guys [...on platinum XD] I'm on day 3 of training; one the first day, I EV trained my Red Gyrados, then levelled it to 70 [from 30]. On the second day, I EV trained my Cranidos, then levelled it to 70 [from 20]. Since I have less...
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    Favorite Side-Game

    Pokemon Ranger, for being, I dunno, fun. Could never get into the Mystery Dungeon series. Snap is overrated. Pinball was ok.
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    The storyline?

    I'd like this only if this means at some point you realise the starter Pokemon given to you was stolen. And, although not plot important, some NPC somewhere talks about missing his stolen *whichever starter you chose*. You don't get an option to return it, or tell him what happened, it's just...
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    Simple Questions, Simple (Or Not) Answers

    With the Matsuda Method, what do the odds of a pokemon hatching being shiny increase to?
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    4th Gen Trainer's Travelog

    Re: Trainer's Travelog So I've traded about 13 Pokémon to be EV trained from my Heart Gold to my Platinum; some of which include my Ho-oh Heart, my Lugia Soul, my Dunsparce Makar, my Hitmonlee Beat, my Umbreon Komali, my Giratina Valoo, my Red Gyrados Fruitsicle, my Ivysaur Syntheri, my Grovyle...
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    HGSS Help Thread (aka Simple Questions/Simple Answers)

    This is a breeding question So I got a Smeargle sketched Stockpile, male, and I want to breed it with a female Numel. Say I get a male Numel with stockpile; can I switch out the Smeargle for a Japanese Ditto [for the Matsuda method] and still get stockpile from Numel as the egg move learner...