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  1. hurristat

    Do you have any 100% IV Pokémon?

    It's been a second since I've updated my perfects here! Here's what I've nabbed since my last update: April 11: Phanpy (Donphan) from a lucky trade April 14: Bagon from a trade April 14: Bagon from a lucky trade April 14: Alolan Diglett (Alolan Dugtrio) from a lucky trade April 22: Croagunk...
  2. hurristat

    Your "FUUUU!" moments.

    I clicked on a Shellder, and it was shiny!! And then my reflexes kicked in, I accidentally plussed it, and it ran. bluggghhhh
  3. hurristat

    Who's Your Buddy Pokemon?

    Currently walking things for evolution... just finished off an Eevee for Umbreon and a Feebas. Walking another Feebas, and then I have to walk a Happiny... I've got such a long backlog...
  4. hurristat

    Do you have any Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

    I caught a ton in the last few weeks due to community day, go fest, and Raikou day, but I did snag a shiny Alolan Exeggutor last week during the anniversary event!
  5. hurristat

    Pokémon GO Adventure Log & Stories Thread!

    Oh man, it's been a while since my last update! I went to GO Fest Chicago with TeaWest and had a blast -- stayed in the city for three days even though my tickets were for Friday. I caught I think 20 various shinies over the course of the weekend (including some new ones, Absol (level 9!)...
  6. hurristat

    Lucky Pokémon

    Man there is no point in me updating my post in this thread because I do several hundred trades a week (my trade count is at 8808 and I have probably acquired 500 or so lucky pokemon in my time), BUT! I did manage to get lucky friends and get a Farfetch'd, and got a full-odds lucky Latios too...
  7. hurristat

    Do you have any 100% IV Pokémon?

    Since my last update, these are my new perfects, mostly from trading:
  8. hurristat

    Lucky Pokémon

    I've traded 4000 Pokémon since my last update to this thread, so my highlights are: Lunatone the day they swapped, perfect Bulbasaur (now a Venusaur), perfect Magneton, perfect Alakazam, 91% Rampardos, and 98% Meltan
  9. hurristat

    Your "FUUUU!" moments.

    Same here... all the last four research rewards I've gotten have all been Regis :( I'm not a PVP player so they're pretty useless to me.
  10. hurristat

    Eggs in GO!

    I finally hatched a shiny! I got a shiny Pichu!
  11. hurristat

    Do you have starter Pokémon spawn frequently in your area outside events?

    I see the grass starters quite frequently, and I also see a fair number of Chimchars and Torchics as well. Not as many Charmander or Cyndaquil. The water starters are somewhat conspicuously absent, even though I live in a very wet place.
  12. hurristat

    Your "Yes!" moments.

    When I was driving to lunch today and my partner (who doesn't play) was doing the Lotad quests for me, and asked me "are they usually brown?" I yelped...
  13. hurristat

    Do you have any Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

    I caught a shiny Castform and two shiny Lotad! Well, kind of. I did 24 quests for Lotad, and didn't get any. I handed my phone to my partner to play for me as we were taking a break to get lunch, and immediately they caught two shiny Lotad for me :D I also have gotten Treecko (seven), Solrock...
  14. hurristat

    Pokémon GO Adventure Log & Stories Thread!

    Did about fifteen Latias raids over the weekend and got a shiny! Nothing quite like a good raid train.
  15. hurristat

    Do you have any Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

    Swinub day went great, and I nabbed 14 shinies! But outside of that, I've had some luck recently with shinies as well! I've grabbed Snubbull Luvdisc 2x Psyduck Kyogre 2x Feebas and I've traded for a Delibird, a Poochyena, and a Caterpie! So I feel pretty good about my luck.
  16. hurristat

    The Official Pokémon GO Community Day Thread!

    I did quite well on Swinub day! I was sad, because it was scheduled during when I was out of town for a convention, but the spawns surrounding the convention were so dense I managed to get 14 shinies anyway, which tied my record!!
  17. hurristat

    EVENT Pokémon GO Valentine's Day Celebration!

    Apologies for the late update, trainers! Pokémon GO is running a Valentine's Day Celebration from now until Thursday, February 20th, at 1PM PST. This event entails: Happiny and other pink Pokémon are now hatching from 7k eggs Catch candy is doubled Pink Pokémon will be spawning more frequently...
  18. hurristat

    EVENT Lunar New Year Celebration

    Happy Lunar New Year, trainers! We've entered the year of the pig, and Niantic has dialed up an event for us from now, until 1PM PST on February 13th. The bonuses of this event include: Increased chance of lucky Pokémon when trading 2x catch EXP 2x evolution EXP Increased spawns for: Rattata...
  19. hurristat

    EVENT Hoenn Celebration

    As the Hatchathon ends, we've started a new event -- the Hoenn Celebration! There will be increased spawns of Hoenn Pokémon, among other things. It started just now, Jan 15, at 1PM PST, and will run until Jan 29, 2019, at 1PM PST. Bonuses: Field research highlighting Pokémon from the Hoenn...
  20. hurristat

    EVENT Hatchathon 2019!

    Honestly, I feel a little meh about this event. What with the event that just ended having cleaned me out of super incubators, I've not done much with it.