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  1. Maskerade

    Wollminster's Winter Market: Christmas 2017

    I wish I had time to RP this reply after the effort you put into it EAI! Thanks for this lovely little event, it was a lot of fun! Picking up 11 Candies, 8 Rindo Berries and 2 Cross Buns. Teaching my Charizard CM Crossfire with 1 of them, storing the other.
  2. Maskerade

    Wollminster's Winter Market: Christmas 2017

    Professor Rorik, middle-name Pine, Rejoiced every year on Christmas time. Tradition not foreign to the Heiml-born, To remember the date he'd forever sworn. "Come to think of it, what strange way to talk", Thought Rorik as he continued to walk. But there was no denying these streets' decoration...