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    WANTED! DW Klang

    Hey guys! Hope all is well. Ok, I really need a dream world Klang :) Im willing to negotiate what you want :) Keep in mind, my "collection" aint the greatest! :( Thanks guys!
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    How much money do you have? (Pokemon)

    Simple as that. How much money do you own on ANY pokemon game? Personally, I dont have my DS on me right now :/ Sadly, I cant check. Post yours \/
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    WANTED: Masudo Method worthy, dream world, politoad

    Hey everyone! I have been hunting on GTS and cant seem to find any. I need the following LEGIT *Politoad (dream world ability drizzle) (MUST be in a different language. I live in Australia) OFFERING *Milotic Lv 50 *Kabutops Lv 42 (with macho brace) * Both Kangaskhan and Spinerak...
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    Your battle strategies?

    Sorry if this is already done Whether you battle competitive or just for fun, we all have a strategy to follow. whether its all attack or stall. So whats yours?
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    What are your plans for the day?

    You wake up in the morning! Instead of just letting things flow you decide to plan things out. So what will you do? Im am very sorry if this has already been done and i promise i wasnt aware of a previous thread similar to this one.
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    Your Best Ev Trained Pokemon

    Hey everyone! Apologies if this has already been done, but thought it would be cool. So whats your best ev trained pokemon? COMMENT AWAY!
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    What do you put on your toast?

    Im sorry if this thread has already been done but anyway, as the title suggestes, simply say what was the last thing you spread on your toast!
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    your plan for team rocket!

    i am sorry if this post has already been made by some other person. but anyway, imagine this! you are the head of team rocket!(dont ask what happened to giovanni. lets say he works at the local supermarket) and you are thinking of a new plan to capture pikachu once and for all. it will take...
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    What is your fave drink that you can buy from shops?

    i mean like the super markets and the smaller shops and the milkbars and stuff.
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    when i was signing up for this website, the time zone i am in was not their so my time is 1 hour fast! i live in victoria so has this happened to anyone else?
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    my time is 1 hour fast because i set my area wrong. you see, i am in australia and their wasnt any time zone for the victoria state. did this happen to any of you and can i change it?
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    Hey everyone!

    hi! i am british banette and i love pokemon. i have soulsilver, platinum, pbr and black, so if you want to battle me via wifi then dont be shy!