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  1. AceTrainer14

    EVERYONE: United We Stand (Non-Poke / TTTE)

    United We Stand Last year, the North Western Railway turned 100 years old. It was a time of great celebration for the island: Thomas, the first engine purchased for the railway, turned 100 as well, while Skarloey and Rheneas celebrated their 150th birthdays. The year also marked 70 years since...
  2. AceTrainer14

    WORLDBUILDING: Visual Inspiration

    Often when I read fan fiction, one common thing I end up wondering is: what does this world look like? It's something I always think about when writing myself, and I love to have a world painted for me when I'm reading. I thought it might be a fun idea if people shared some of the real world...
  3. AceTrainer14

    TEEN: Dreams That You Dreamed (Ch. 7)

    Banner by @canisaries Pua Kealoha dreams of a life beyond the confines of his small Alolan town and their repressive way of living. When a string of newcomers arrive in town, he is suddenly presented with a gateway to the outside world. As his newfound freedom clashes with those around him, Pua...
  4. AceTrainer14

    DISCUSSION: Writing Minority Characters

    I am currently in the midsts of writing a new story set in Alola. It seemed logical that the island's inhabitants should take some inspiration from its real world equivalent, so the main character and many supporting characters will be my world's version of Pacific Islanders. However, being...
  5. AceTrainer14

    Changes Up Top

    Greetings all! This is an announcement about the future of the Workshop. No need to worry though - as our Poké brethern have taught us, when it comes to evolutions, things always get bigger and better! As some of you may have noticed me discussing in the General Chat, I am going on a big...
  6. AceTrainer14

    Summer Awards 2017 Winners List

    Hello everyone! Get your dancing shoes on everyone: after a long, gruelling month of judging, we finally have the winners, so it's time to celebrate! As I teased early in the season, we decided to introduce a new method to increase the number of winners we have. In the judged categories with...
  7. AceTrainer14

    POPULAR: The Samples Thread

    Have you ever had an idea for a story, something that's grabbed a hold of you with such force you just have to write it down before you lose it? Have you started writing a story or a chapter that has been in your head for years and you are so happy to finally write it out? Have you then reached...
  8. AceTrainer14

    Summer Awards 2017: Official Nominees and User Voting

    Hello everyone! After getting a decent amount of submissions, I can now reveal the fina list of nominations moving onto the judging round: Best Journey Love and Other Nightmares by @diamondpearl876 Unpredictable by @AetherX How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps by @AceTrainer14 Rebirth by...
  9. AceTrainer14

    ATTENTION: Summer Awards 2017: Nomination Thread

    The sun is shining to the north, while the nights are freezing to the south, which can mean only one thing – it’s time for the Summer Awards! The awards are a celebration of our work over the last six months, and this season will be bigger than ever. As previously stated, there will be no...
  10. AceTrainer14

    DISCUSSION: Scientific Names for Pokemon

    Trying to think of some official scientific names for your Pokemon or original species? This is the place to discuss them! The topic pops up in the General Chat Thread fairly often, so it seemed worth making a thread for.
  11. AceTrainer14

    Summer Awards 2017 Announcement

    Hello! I am here today to once again tease the upcoming awards. Things will be kicking off on June 12, giving you all a few weeks to get some writing and editing in before the judges cast their judgy eyes over you all. The main reason I am doing an announcement is that there is a big change...
  12. AceTrainer14

    ACADEMY: Things I Wish I Had Known

    Things I Wish I Had Known: Tips for Beginning Writers Everyone starts somewhere. None of the authors you know and love were born perfect. It takes time, education and, most importantly, practice to become a great writer. And sometimes, it all would have been easier if we had just known one...
  13. AceTrainer14

    Moderator Project

    Hello everyone! This is just a quick announcement to formally introduce you all to our new moderator... @diamondpearl876! You'll likely know her as one of our busiest authors, responsible for stories such as Survival/Phantom Project, Flying in the Dark and Love and Other Nightmares, and she...
  14. AceTrainer14

    Winter Awards 2016: Winner's List

    Hello everyone! Hot off the presses, the winners have been decided for the 2016 Winter Awards. It may not really be winter anymore, but let's ignore that and savour the winners instead! Best Journey: AceTrainer14, Flaze, Arkadelphiak, AetherX @Eliza Prescott Best Expansion: Flaze...
  15. AceTrainer14

    Winter Awards 2016: Official Nominees and User Voting

    Hello once again! After a week of mildly enthusiastic voting, we have our collection of Official Nominees for this year's Winter Awards! Best Journey: Land of the Roses by @Eliza Prescott A Sine of Things to Come: a Journey of Rediscovery by @chaos_Leader Love and Other Nightmares by...
  16. AceTrainer14

    Winter Awards 2016: Voting Thread

    Hello everyone! Just when I thought I might have to cancel the awards, several people in the eleventh hour came in and cast their nominations for their awards - and they said that democracy is dead! Well, elections may not have had a great year this year, but that doesn't mean our own little...
  17. AceTrainer14

    Winter Awards 2016: Nomination Thread

    Happy 2016 everyone! It’s been a bloody long year, hasn’t it? It may not have gone the way many people would’ve liked, and it does give the impression of refusing to end (my own Prime Minister resigned today for no reason, so that’s ace), but that doesn’t mean we still can’t party – and what...
  18. AceTrainer14

    Winter Awards Announcement

    Hello everyone! We didn't do this last time, however for the upcoming awards, I wanted to make sure everyone had plenty of notice to guarantee they get their stories updated in time. We plan for nominations to start on December 4th NZT, so it may be the 3rd for some of you. Stories need to be...
  19. AceTrainer14

    Summer Awards 2016: Winner's List

    Hello all! The judging has been done for about a week now, but we wanted to bring you the banners at the same time as the winners for once, so apologies for the delay. Without any further ado, here we go! Best Journey: @AetherX, @Lugion, @System Error, @Life, @GenjiGibus Best Dark: @Elysia...
  20. AceTrainer14

    Summer Awards 2016 - Official Nominees and User Voting

    Hello all! After some feverish voting in the last few days, we have our full list of official nominees. These are the 25 stories that will be moving on to the next round of judging. So here they all are: Best Journey: The Long Walk by @Beth Pavell How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps by...