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    What Types should B-Kyurem and W-Kyurem be?

    I'm honestly thinking Ice/Fire and Ice/Electric... and they'll get not only get Cold-Flare (W-Kyurem) and Freeze Shock (B-Kyurem). But Fusion-Flare and Blue Flare (W-Kyurem) and Fusion-Bolt and Bolt-Strike (B-Kyurem) what do you think?
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    So do you think that the next games on the 3DS will use 3D models instead of Sprites?

    So.. I was wondering... do you think that GF will switch to 3D models when they make the leap to the 3DS? I honestly think they will what with the Pokedex3D and all it would seem pointless to make all those fancy models and never use them... and let's face it the sprites are getting old with the...
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    Which Ability is better for Breloom?

    Okay Breloom is an all around fantastic Pokemon average stats aside it is gifted with not only the much coveted Spore but possibly the two best abilties in the game. Technician and Poison Heal... We all know how damn annoying Poison Heal is on Breloom... Not only does it protect him from...
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    Should Alakazam get Aura-Sphere?

    Okay I seen the Should Samurott get Shell-Smash thread and thought... Does anybody else think Alakazam should get Aura-Sphere? He already get's Focus-Blast So why not? It'd give him a more accurate Fighting type move to Cover his weakness to darkness...
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    Want Female DW Eevee

    Eh not much to say...
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    Want Female DW Natu

    self explainitory I'll trade a DW Female Abra in exchange Can I get a female Eevee of you don't have a Natu?
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    Want Female DW Abra

    I want a Female DW Abra Ideally with a Timid Nature...
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    War of the Legends!!!!

    Okay SO if all the Reigonal Legends got into a war who do you think would win? I see the line up as Kanto Mewtwo Mew Total: 2 (The Bird Trio are ruled by Lugia so...) Johto Ho-oh/Lugia Raiku/Suicune/Entei Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres Celibi Total:9 Hoenn Raquayza/Groudon/Kyogre...
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    Do you want to see Kanto in Gen V?

    I've been curies about this... Kanto has been in every Gen besides Gen V. Personally I'm getting sick of Kanto... it's gotten so old. Maybe I'd like to see it in a Gen or 2... but not V because I think R/S will be the remake this Gen... but that's just me. So do you want to see Kanto in this Gen?
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    Pokepark Wii 2 yay or nay?

    i was curies about what everyboy thought of the announcment of Pokepark 2? Honestly I'm indifferent I never played the original and it seems to pointless. they could've been working on another Collo game or heck Poke Snap 2 which people havebeen asking for, for YEARS!
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    Overrwaction much....?

    Okay so I was readingThis article Pokemon satanic andwas thinki... really it's just a dmn game oh and you spelled Kadabra wrong. opinions anybody?
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    Contest: Growlithe line VS Larvesta line

    / VS. / Okay here we are... This time I'm putting the two strongest non-legendary Fire types... Growlith and Arcanine are notable for being the strongest pokemon that has evolved once with a BST of 555. Ulgamoth is the second strongest of that group with a BST of 550 They are both considered...
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    Contest: Rayquaza Vs. Giratina Vs. Kyurem

    Vs./ Vs. Okay This is a battle of the 3rd Trio members. They are (Or at least Rayquaza and Giratina are) the Mascot of the 3rd Game (And Let's face it Kyurem is going to be Grey's Mascot) Are Dragon type and Have little plot in the original pair You know the deal... who'll win? Who has...
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    Contest: Balance/Energy Dragon Trio VS Weather Trio

    On One Corner we have the First Legendary Mascot Trio The Weather Trio Rayquaza, Kyogre and Groudon These Guys are responsible for shapping the world many eons ago... Kyogre shaping the Ocean. While Groudon shaped Poke-Pangea. Rayquaza Ruled the Sky's however he didn't create it. They...
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    Contest: Vanillite line VS. Snorunt Line!!!

    OR Or Okay I'm doing another one... This is between two of the cutest Ice Types (At least my opinion) between Vanipeti the Fresh Snow Pokemon and Snorunt the Snow-Hat Pokemon! Vanipeti are obviously based on Icecream and is the first Pokemon to be created by an American (James Turner)...
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    Contest: Water/Flying Battle

    Well... People have done Fire/Flying and Electric/Flying so I'm gonna do Water/Flying a Combo that has been in every Gen / & / & / & We Have Gyrados The only one of the group not to evolve from another Water/Flying Mantyke and Mantine the only one who are not introduced in the same...
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    Contest: Braviary Vs. Mandibuzz

    Okay I'm kinda suprised nobody as done this VS. On One corner we have Braviary The Normal/Flying Eagle And in the Other corner is Mandibuzz the Dark/Flying Vulture They are Counterparts Braviary being in White and Male only. And Mandibuzz Being in Black and Female only...