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    Do you think Ash will train one of his old pokemon at some point in BW?

    There seems to be a pattern that Ash takes at least one of his old pokemon with him to a new region. He took Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charizard to Johto, Phanpy to Kanto during Battle Frontier, and Aipom to Sinnoh. The only region where he didn't take one of his old pokemon was Hoenn, but he...
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    Why was Lance used for the Aqua/Magma finale and not Steven or Wallace?

    Why Lance? He's the Johto champion. Why not use someone from Hoenn like Steven (who should have been treated way better. One episode, seriously?) or Wallace, who didn't even appear in Hoenn. What the hell was Lance doing there? Steven would have been better because in the games he actually helps...
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    Why do you think the writers deicded to choose Iris instead of Touko?

    Sorry if there's a topic like this but I was curious. Why do you think they chose Iris to travel with Ash instead of Touka, the playable girl from Black and White? They chose May and Dawn who were the playable girls so why not this time? I can understand not using the boy because Ash to me is...
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    Will Cheren appear in BW?

    Bel appeared so I'm hoping that Cheren will appear later on too. Barry appeared later on in DP even though Paul was Ash's main rival. I really hope Cheren appears.
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    Hello =)

    As you can tell from my username that I'm a big fan of Ouran High School Host Club but I also love pokemon a lot too. I joined here because I got really exited about Black and White plus the dub of the anime =)