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    "Pokemon Ieru Ka na"/"Can You Name all the Pokemon?" for the 5th gen

    http://www.pokemon-card.com/special/ierukana/index.html Yeah... so... has anyone seen/heard this? There's a 15-second version and a 30-second version. This only has a small amount of 5th gen Pokemon relative to the whole amount. But do you think that eventually the full version of this song...
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    "Pocket Monsters Legendary Encounters" starting November 29th!

    Not that I'm complaining, but I don't know what this is called... EDIT: (Oh look, I have 800 posts...)
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    VIZ releasing Pokemon Special D/P arc volume in February 2011

    No, seriously... Honestly, I would've done a one-volume-per-month speed up starting next year, but heeeeey... Thanks to SmartD on Sppf for noticing this...
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    Japanese site on Pokemon movie showings

    I asked this on Sppf but didn't get a response, so... This (official) Japanese website is talking about seeing the Japanese Pokemon movies, but I don't know that much more details. One of the links on lower area of the screen (the second one in that row of four blue links) has a schedule of...
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    IAFNSDOIFASDNF;OSIDFA;OFIEHWBFBUohoainfosdfisdfasdfsaf ... Oh wait, you guys don't speak n00b/spam... Okay, in all serious, hi, my name is Rex Kamex. If that name sounds familiar, you might be thinking of that Blastoise with that name in the fanfic Pokiman that someone did. Actually...