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    I Wish There Was a PBR Update/Sequel

    Am I the only one disappointed that we only recieved one 3D battling simulator this generation? It's not that I am complaining for the chance to not be Nintendo's tool when it comes to purchasing new games, but I just feel the original PBR came out... ...prematurely. It just feels almost...
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    Hey Wardens, How's Your Safari Zone?

    So, recently in the questions thread, I was asking about when the blocks for the Safari Zone would come into play. Discovering that all that fun stuff would come into play only after recieving the National Dex, I was initially annoyed. But now I've started to play around with it. So what kind of...
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    VS Recorder; Your Battles

    This isn't a question about the VS Recorder, but I just thought a thread where you post videos you've posted at the Jubilife WiFi Building [or, if it's compatible with the HGSS VS Recorder, wherever that is], or maybe cool finds, could be done. I recently beat Tower Tycoon Palmer Round 2...