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Search results

  1. Amoebo

    FT: Shiny Floette LF: Battle Ready Pokemon

    they can be genned,hexed,cloned,legit. i dont care, i just need 1 more pokemon. my preference would be a physical fire type.
  2. Amoebo

    6th GEN: ORAS Pokemon FFA's!

    For those that do not know what a FFA is: A FFA is a free-for-all where you engage in a multi battle but you can attack ANYONE. Whoever is left standing moves on and may eventually become the winner. You choose a team of 3 out of your 6 pokemon. The 16 contestants: 1. Devoidz IGN...
  3. Amoebo

    GEN VI: LF: your 5iv trash pokemon

    ex. froakies with torrent and adamant i seriously have no clue what i can offer. groudons? latios's?
  4. Amoebo

    5iv mincinno with skill link

    got it in a trade and its been picking up dust preferrably traded for a cleffa/clefairy with 5ivs if not something thats not water or ground
  5. Amoebo

    GEN VI: 5-6 iv beldum

    I can give a maison item, or another 5iv Pokemon.
  6. Amoebo

    Cant change the avatar

    Bulbagarden proceeds to crash for me when I do. Its says database error.
  7. Amoebo

    GEN VI: Need a Darkrai for the dex+to keep.

    Can offer a cobalion, event zoroark, i do believe i have a phione, I need it urgently.
  8. Amoebo

    GEN VI: Skarmory w/Stealth Rock

    For a friend on pokemon showdown. Willing to give either colbalion or virizion.
  9. Amoebo

    GEN VI: LF: Mudkip (preferrably 5 iv'd!)

    Willing to offer: -Terrakion -Virizion -Cobalion All I have now, sorry.
  10. Amoebo

    GEN VI: Looking for a Frillish or a 5 IV larvitar.

    WIlling to give HA pokemon, version exclusives, and a shiny for a 2 for 1.
  11. Amoebo

    Gen6 OU "SandDrain" team (RMT and help)

    Greninja Protean Mild LO 252 SP.Atk/4 hp/252 SPD -Ice Beam -Dark Pulse -Scald/Surf -(fill in yourselfs with suggestions) Your basic Protean Greninja. Scald helps its survivability alot, having the 30% burn chance Avalugg Sturdy (suggest) Serious 252 ATK/252 DEF/4 HP -recover...
  12. Amoebo

    GEN VI: looking for a freshly bred houndour.

    I can't give a lot, but I can give a speed boost venepiede
  13. Amoebo


    /\ I have my reasons.
  14. Amoebo

    Looking for various Japanese pokemon!

    I am willing to give a shiny swoobat or various other pokemon, including bred Zoruas. Looking for any starter or a tangela with the hidden ability mostly, but I'd take anything.
  15. Amoebo

    Just your average classy person!

    Yes; classy. All I really feel nescissary to say is hi, so hi.