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    Foreign Pokémon and the Chances of Shiny Eggs

    Hi everyone! Earlier this year, while reading Jun'ichi Masuda's online blog (*The English version*) I noticed this one entry that talked about the GTS and the features they considered and included for Foreign Pokémon. C/P from his blog: "So we considered the following contents. >some...
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    Togepi's Art Stuffs - Updated 15/04 - Jackie and Chatot Pic Coloured

    I finally decided to make a thread here for my art (*Which will probably cover other stuff as well as Pokémon*) And possibly stuff like LJ Icons ect. I've been meaning to do this for ages and ages, so I'll update this thread with any new art and stuff I do :3 I'll start things off with my...
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    Greetings~! :D

    Hi all~! I'm PDUTogepi, some people here may already know me from Deviant Art and some other places (*I'm also a member of Pokemopolis and the Pokémon Community forums under "Evil Togepi"*) I used to be a member of this forum many years ago, back when I was pretty much a newish Pokémon fan...