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    Get through A to Z without the staff resetting to A version 5!

    The title says it all. The normal users need to get through A-Z 5 times to win. I'll start it off: A new beginning.
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    Favorite X/Y Moments

    This thread is for people who have played X/Y and want to share their best moments in the game. So I'll get this thread started with mine. I was in Santalune Forest, very new to the game, checking out the new features. I had done some reading up on Wonder Trading, and I couldn't wait to try it...
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    Hello (again)

    I'm not really new to this forum, but I haven't been on it for half a year so...yeah. Hi. And yes G50 do you remember me?
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    Hi. I just joined this fourm yesterday and it seems like a great place.:sweatlol: