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  1. Insanish Danish

    ATTENTION: Welcome to our new Shippers' Paradise mod!

    I'm very happy to announce that Likeitornot.; has been hired to mod Shippers' Paradise! She's one of the most levelheaded and civilized members of this section and I was very happy to see that she had applied for the position. Needless to say, she got it and is now a mod here! Congratulations!
  2. Insanish Danish

    ATTENTION: Say hello to two new shipping mods!

    Being the head of a section is hard work, and I always appreciate whatever help I can get. Aestivate; and Highway Unicorn; two mods who have always done a great job modding their own sections, have expressed interest in helping out modding Shippers' Paradise. So...here they are! Aestivate...
  3. Insanish Danish

    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol 4

    This thread is for casual conversation! Conversation can flow freely, but all the regular forum rules apply. Make sure your posts aren't random and that there's some thought put into them. And make sure to play nice and actually participate in discussion. Other notes: = Random conversations...
  4. Insanish Danish

    So I decided to FINALLY join this place.

    I first discovered this forum late 2007-early 2008ish. And I could never decide whether I should join or not. So today I finally decided I should. So here I am. I'm Dana, as you can probably gather from my username. And, um...yeah. That's pretty much it. :]