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    Wanting: Some Pokemon

    i got Mesprit, the entire Regi trio, Rayquaza, Mewtwo and Moltres, Which DW Females do you have?
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    Looking for Reshiram

    I got a Reshiram i could trade you, do you have a Manaphy, Jirachi or a DW Eevee or DW Vulpix?
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    Vote to Befriend a Pokemon- who did you pick/who will you vote for.

    Well atleast Mudkip didnt won, instead i can get that Arceusi voted for >:D
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    VG Weekly Poll #19 Favourite Dragon-type Version Mascot?

    Rayquaza of course, due to Emerald was my 1st pokemon game, then Rayquaza was my 1st legendary pokemon + it looks awesome and is blessed with awesome Atk and SPatk :D
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    Wanted: Legendaries and Shines

    Ok, i have currently started over in my White, so i will PM you once i have finished the game
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    Wanted: Legendaries and Shines

    the Mew is in lv 31 now....
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    Wanted: Legendaries and Shines

    I got 2 Mews, one is gotten from the FAL2010 event and another by GTS
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    Wanted: Legendaries and Shines

    the Shaymin is gotten thorugh the Tweakin glitch, but i dont know if its Legit to get it through that......
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    Wanted: Legendaries and Shines

    I got both Mew and Shaymin, could i have a Manaphy for 1 of them?
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    I want a 100% Deoxys, Manaphy, Jirachi Or Celebi

    that sounds fine got 3 Regices anyway, i am not interested in the Deoxys anymore becuz i got 1 now by trading
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    I want a 100% Deoxys, Manaphy, Jirachi Or Celebi

    It is possible to trade but only thorugh Wi-Fi i think, it is only on GTS-negotiations you cant trade special ribbon pokemons, so which pokemon do you want?
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    Would you name your kid after a Pokemon?

    simple answer NO The Kids would just get embarraseed and bullied at School like "look it Turtwig,hahahahaha" and "Mr.Turtwig would you please meet at my office NOW!!!!" it would sound weird and what if my children would try to be President? "so the candidats for the President...
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    VG Weekly Poll #17 Favourite Unova Gym Design

    MY favorite was the Opelucid City pokemon gym simply love the way with the 2 dragon head coming out from it, adn how it long likes something really old...
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    Offering Specifc natured legendaries

    okay everybody since i started over in my Platinum and Soulsilver there is alot of Legendaries that has not been caught yet, so i can offer Legendaries with a specific nature the following pokemon has not been captured yet: Articuno-SS Zapdos-SS Moltres-SS MewTwo-SS Ho-oh-SS Dialga-PT Palkia...
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    Legends Tradeaway Thread

    so are you interrested in the Shaymin? or do you rather want Mesprit? i will just tell the natures of the mesprits: Careful: only defeated 1 pokemon Hasty: only defeated 1 pokemon
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    Victory Pokemon Victini

    why dont you look on the front pages? he wants the Legendary birds adn the dogs... Besides there is not so long too the Victini Event :P in Europe... so i dont need you Victini anyway since there is 1 coming to my Country in 1 week /happy*
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    I want a 100% Deoxys, Manaphy, Jirachi Or Celebi

    ok then i will go into wifi room once i can, there i will be waiting you and Jirachi :P
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    Legends Tradeaway Thread

    If you Want a Articuno you can get a free 1 from me i have alot of them anyways, adn since i restarted in Platinum and SoulSilver i havent caugt that guy yet, so i have alot of them if you want 1 free Yeah the Shaymin kinda Touch, 51 Levels to be exact.... I also got some Mesprits in spare...
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    Legends Tradeaway Thread

    I got a Shaymin, is you Celebi touched?
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    I want a 100% Deoxys, Manaphy, Jirachi Or Celebi

    How about Saturday? according to what i know you are 9 Hours behind my country, and i dont think i have to anything on Saturday....
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