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  1. Maya the Cat

    Music The Background Music Thread

    Not sure if it's sub or dub music, but what's the name of the track that plays in the beginning of "An Old Family Blend" during the narration?
  2. Maya the Cat

    Would you purchase newer Generations on VC?

    I would if it means I don't have to pay scalper prices.
  3. Maya the Cat

    Controversial opinions

    My post wasn't about the quality, but his skill level.
  4. Maya the Cat

    Controversial opinions

    I love Trip, he's so much better than Paul. I think Gary is kinda overrated. Ash wasn't that great of a trainer in DP, he was the best in BF.
  5. Maya the Cat

    Controversial opinions

    He seemed to be being built up as the person that would win the league/beat Ash, but that all plummeted when Alain was thrown into the league. I liked his story and character.
  6. Maya the Cat

    Controversial opinions

    I'm the opposite, I didn't like or hate the Alain battle, but hated the conclusion of Ash vs. Sawyer. I think Sawyer got screwed over.
  7. Maya the Cat

    Controversial opinions

    I'm not sure this is controversial after the Kalos League concluded, but I didn't like the XY series. SM is great, though!
  8. Maya the Cat

    Music Season 21 opening: Under the Alolan Moon

    This opening is weird...
  9. Maya the Cat

    Controversial opinions

    The humor was great, the characters were engaging, there was a huge sense of adventure, there was so much variety in the episodes, and it was fun. Even most of the filler was great, except for probably BW053. The villains were great, and TR was at their best here - not only the organization but...
  10. Maya the Cat

    Controversial opinions

    Best Wishes! is the best there is.
  11. Maya the Cat

    Which Pokémon From BW Will You Miss the Most?

    I miss Axew too, and Oshawott, and Snivy/
  12. Maya the Cat

    Least Favorite Saga

    N/A, will decide when the current series is over
  13. Maya the Cat

    Your "What the....?" moments!

    Does Showdown or other online servers count?
  14. Maya the Cat

    Was the idea of Ash ever losing to Misty and Iris a problem to you?

    I'm more bothered by him losing to characters of the week.
  15. Maya the Cat

    Do you have any Pokemon Anime headcanons?

    Stefan (pronounced "wrong") is his real name. The "right" pronunciation is a nickname that he got so used to he believed it was right.
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