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    Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Gen III remakes) ANNOUNCED

    Re: The Generation III Remake Discussion Every moment with Steven was perfect. :) The anime treated him horribly but they can make up for that game-wise if RS or Emerald get remade. Him appearing in Kanto was nice.
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    What video games were you thinking of buying?

    Thinking of getting an US 3DS for Rune Factory 4. So disappointed about the European release being cancelled.
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    Sinu a'manore.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Sinu a'manore.

    Greetings from Silvermoon! Another former SPPfian (SPPferian?) here, was told about Bulbagarden and the friendly atmosphere here by several nice people, and was hoping there would be a place for me here too. Long time Pokemon player, started with Crystal when I was super young but Hoenn was...
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