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  1. L

    Pokémon you like but everyone else hate?

    I tend to like the ones that get the most hate, granted they don't "deserve" it. A few of which are definitely the Regi trio. Who couldn't like golems made of elements that are also types? I personally find ones like these who are based off of inanimate objects better than what everyone seems to...
  2. L

    What do you want from a Pokémon console game?

    All we've currently got for a possible console title is a somewhat unhelpful screenshot. So what this could be is anyone's guess. I would like a new game taking place in the Coloseum series. Imagine all the possibilities and new graphics that it could bring. Alternatively, a fighter game would...
  3. L

    Your "FUUUUU" moments :D

    Back when I started my first Gen IV journey on Diamond, I was playing on a used copy. Little did I know you couldn't overwrite previous files like in previous gens. Needless to say, I lost a lot of progress.
  4. L

    Who else dislikes the new cries of the old Pokémon?

    I prefer the classic cries but the new ones are mostly decent. If there's an improvement it's that I don't have to hear Electabuzz's high pitched ear torture of a cry. And then there's Pikachu. I hope it's turned back to normal in whatever is released next. I dot find it funny that the voice...
  5. L

    Hardest Gym Leader?

    Back when I was a noob that only trained my starter I had much trouble with Tate and Liza. Not because they're hard but because it was practically two against one. Amazingly enough, I've had no trouble ever with Whitney.
  6. L

    Monochrome Pokémon Rumor Discussion

    Rumors have been going around about Pokémon in a monochrome color scheme, complete with images to back it up. They seem rarer than shinies. Perhaps the new iteration of collectible Pokémon for bragging rights since shinies are easier to get? What do you think? If this is real, I theorize this...
  7. L

    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    Obamasnow Need I say more?
  8. L

    Awkward X and Y moments

    Being kicked out of Lumiose City's clothes shop again and again for not being "stylish" enough. I'm the freaking champion who prevented mass genocide! The least you can do is let me buy a fedora. Seriously, does anyone know how to get in?
  9. L

    Am I the only one around here who...

    Am I the only one who has never had trouble with Whitney? I've defeated her easily in two playthoughs. And using a male starter too.
  10. L

    Overrated and Underrated Pokémon

    There's a lot of Pokémon out there, but we commonly see the same ones over and over again in battles. While some deserve this pleasure, a lot are just there because there's a belief of their usefulness in battle. And on the opposite side of the spectrum, there's plenty of good ones nobody uses...
  11. L

    Mega Evolution

    Re: Mega Evolution Discussion I want a Dunsparce Fairy Dragon.
  12. L

    Strange yet Effective Strategies

    Recently thought of one. It's how to legitimately get a Dark-Ghost Shedinja in battle. Note that I didn't come up with the whole thing, just improved it to be possible. You need: 1) Shedinja with high speed and Focus Sash, and Mimic, which can be tutored in Gen III 2) Starmie with Protect and...
  13. L

    Your "FUUUUU" moments :D

    That exact same thing happened to me! Even had event Pokémon and everything! The worst part is my friend was having me Pal Park their Pokémon for them that included two Ho-oh, Lugia, Jirachi, plus a Darkrai I was borrowing.
  14. L

    Ideas for Gen VI Pokemon

    I would like to see a Pokémon based on a hammerhead shark. I've imagined its two ends of the head would be shaped like the part of tool hammers. It would have metal around its head and mid-body to be Water-Steel.
  15. L

    Poke Transporter (Transfering Pokemon From Previous Gens)

    Re: Transfering Pokemon Over From Other Gens I just want to be able to send them back and forth like in gen 1-2.
  16. L

    What do you do with your starter?

    I just did that on the Platinum I just got because I needed all three to complete my starter collection. Having 2/3 Pokémon not obey half the time made things a bit harder. :p
  17. L

    If Super Heroes/Villains had Pokémon

    It would probably be a Marowak since they both got past the hardships and rose to be known as great fighters.
  18. L

    Global Trade Station Conversational Thread (Read First Post)

    Re: Global Trade Station Conversational Thread Looking for a Reshiram level 9 and under! Offering an amazing level 13 magikarp! Just need one level nine and under Reshiram!
  19. L

    Strange yet Effective Strategies

    Well I guess we can look forward to that. I don't use DW so yeah.
  20. L

    Team Flare Discussion/Speculation

    Re: Villain Team(s) Speculation Children these days taking down evil terrorist organizations. But I think Mewtwo was created by them in games, according to the mansion on Cinnabar. "...Mew gave birth."
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