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    Take a look at my sprites.

    Okay, admittedly, I do not visit this site as much as I used to, what with GCSE's and all, but anyway, enough of that. Hello all, Been spriting for a while, but a bit rusty nowadays. But I managed to save my good sprites when I was clearing out my files, and put them onto one file. Also I...
  2. C

    Halo: Reach Rank and Armour

    Post your current rank and armour here, you can show your armour by typing your Gamertag into Bungie.net/Reach 14/5/2011 Colonel Grade 1.
  3. C

    Atmey(insert random symbol(s))Detective's Sprite Shop

    Let's get this train wreck a'rollin' Heres what I do; Splices Recolours Re-vamps De-vamps Trainers Vs Sprites Feel free to request, but for the love of God be patient. Also, this is a one man job, so no, I won't be hiring staff.
  4. C

    Contest: Cradily v.s Armaldo

    V/S Gen III's fossil Pokemon. Better Design? Who Would Win In Battle? Your Favorite? Personally, I think Armaldo, it's my 3rd favorite Pokemon, it just rocks.
  5. C

    Strongest non-legendary Steel Type

    Hell, fire had one, why not Steel. Just please don't make a thread for EVERY SINGLE TYPE. That would get annoying. Personally, I think Metagross, great typing combined with 135 base Attack, 130 base defence, Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch and Zen Headbutt are great STAB moves, the latter falls...
  6. C

    Pokemon Emerald, the Comic.

    Okay, I felt like doing this, please note that A: I has no tablet, B: It's not meant to look too good. Enjoy! Page 1:
  7. C

    Contest: Butterfree v.s Beedrill

    V.S Best design? Who would win in battle? Who is your favourite? Butterfree or Beedrill?
  8. C

    Contest: Qwilfish vs. Corsola

    V.S Better design? Who would win in battle? Which one is better? Dalek or Cyberman?
  9. C

    Draw 'n' Rate

    ((If this needs to be moved to fun and games section please do so.)) Fairly explanatory, I post a pic, which I'm uploading to ImageShack as we speak, then the next poster rates the art (Constructive Crit prefered) and proceeds to post their own, and so on. If image is seen too big, for the...
  10. C

    Mah Art

    Vastly improved from over ninethousend months ago. I've adapted different styles and I kinda like them all. I'm now under the name of Cross-Poison on DeviantART, here be my profile: http://cross-poison.deviantart.com/ Scizor: http://cross-poison.deviantart.com/#/d2rya1q Regigigas...
  11. C

    Fake Black and White sprites

    I found these while looking on the interwebz, they are supposedly the regonal pokemon in black and white. Yeah right. Okay, I'm only going to state a few problems with this, firstly, Grass and Dragon. AS A FIRST STAGE STARTER?! that would be broken. Some of these just look stupid, steelix...
  12. C

    Atmeys team banner shop

    okay, this is what it will look like, so you get the idea, Pokemon 1 2 3 4 5 6 if you want a specific image, just give me the link
  13. C

    rate the aboves theme song

    okay heres how it works, a user posts a song they think fitts them, and the next user rates it, then he/she posts their theme song, and so on, so without further ado, my theme, warehouse tiger! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kD0p7Ma0_kQ
  14. C

    my MS paint drawings

    i have just started doing MS paint drawings, while they may not be very good, i kinda like them :3 drawings cute pokemon other
  15. C

    controversy in pokemon

    i am angered by how people blindly accuse pokemon of demonic,racist etc. things! okay for the show, i can understand the pyrogon episode, but the earthquake one? stupidity, so what it had earthquakes, oh didums! and how is jynx racist?? this is their view on jynx do you find it racist? no. what...
  16. C

    DS wi-fi help!

    my ds can pick up a connection, but when i test connection, it tests for 5-10 seconds and then says this: wi-fi works for everything else (Wii, laptop etc.) but not my DS, please help!!
  17. C

    phoenix's re-vamp studio

    this is my old pokemon red team, but whats this! they look more modern, but they are in the same,cheesey position! the power of the re-vamp! so request sheet: pokemon- (bulbasaur-celebi) from generation- (1-2) shiny? all sprites will be turned into gen 4 style waiting list- 1...
  18. C

    phoenix's big bold banner shop!

    okay heres an example i do single pokemon banners
  19. C

    random pictures!!!

    post randomness!!!
  20. C

    steelore town by steelix lover

    #edited map# okay my first shot of a town i made along whith a cave Steelore town:loacated in the jhoto reagon,the town has a steelix statue devoted to a legand of a giant steelix that protected the city from harm Steelore cave:This cave is home to registeel and is gaurded by Steven...