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    Fairy_Palace's mediocre art

    Hi guys. Figured I'd post some of my art, since I've gotten better even though it still stinks compared to most peeps around here. xD Warning: Big pictures are big. No, this is not Harry Potter. This is a character from my NaNoWriMo novel, Orville. This is Vara, an RP character that I...
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    What do you write?

    Um. Hi, fellow authors. It's weird, since I'm a writer and I barely ever hang around this spot in the forums o.e But anyway, I was wondering, what do you guys all like to write? Besides pokemon fanfiction, of course! :-D I typically write original novels. Action is my favorite genre, but...
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    Are You Justice?-- A Death Note RP (Start-Up!)

    GoldenMuk ZettaReapz Sorrow Blue Egghatch Roserade299909 Godo-kun @Hadeshiro Mouthful of Pi Sky Flame Haze Alright! We're finally up and running! Here are our characters: Graveyard (Dead Characters): What's happened so far: I will update this weekly for anyone new who wants to sign up or...
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    Are You Justice?-- A Death Note RP (Sign-ups always open!)

    The battle between Kira and L never happened. Six Shinigami lose their Death Notes. Chaos ensues. *** You’re walking around, minding your own business when you catch a glimpse of a strange black notebook with an eerie aura. You reach down to pick it up. Death Note, it says. You open it...
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    Heaven's Guide To Being Human- Non pokemon RP

    The Grand Creator has lost contact with this world. He has absolutely no idea what is going on down here on Earth, and no idea what his world has become. "Five angels will be send down to Earth in mortal form and help me decide whether it's gone rotten or not," the Grand Creator tells his...
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    The Team Rocket Project

    OOC: Okay you guys, let's get this show on the road! ^^ IC: It was a beautiful day in the Viridian Forest. Gabby Roxanne Jones was trudging through the soft undergrowth, taking in the smell of the new day. "So, where should we go now, Bulbasaur?" She asked her pokemon. "Bulba!"...
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    The Team Rocket Project (signups open!)

    You wake up in a barred cage. The room smells like foreign chemicals. You were off on your pokemon journey, when suddenly you were ambushed by team rocketeers. You feel stronger, somehow. You lift up your hands and find that you have power, power you didn't have before........You suddenly send a...
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    Not sure what to call this.....just read XD

    I've decided to write a new fanfic! This fanfic is probably unlike any other pokemon fanfic you've read before. (just warning you) This fanfic is about a girl who lives on a Pokemon ranch, and gets a mysterious Pokemon Egg........*insert creepy music here* Anyways, Chapter One! Please review...
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    Shaymin123's sprites

    Hey, my name's Shaymin123. I'd like some feedback on these sprites and splices: Splices: (attempted) Devamp: Recolors: Neons, infernos, and bubblegums: Comments? Suggestions?
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    Shaymin123's sprite shop!

    Hey there, and welcome to Shaymin123's sprite shop! Here's what I do: 1. Recolours 2. Splices 3. NEW! Infernos 4. NEW! Neons 5. NEW! Bubblegums (like infernos only pink) Because of my school schedule I will probably be able to tackle one job at a time. Expect your finished product...
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    Why is Ho-oh called Ho-oh?

    I've always wondered why Ho-oh was called Ho-oh, so I figured I might post it here. :-D
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    Evil Ash....?

    Yo people sorry if this thread has already been discussed but has anyone seen Battling the Enemy Within when Ash is bewitched by the evil spirit of pokelantis...............? Well i was wondering if anyone else is wondering if evil Ash will return and do something...........um...........bad i...