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  1. *Leeney*

    What's your favorite Anime song?

    What is your favorite anime song. I really liked "Natsukage" from Air. I also liked the background song from Witchblade called "Lady". These are just background songs but I'm very addicted to this song called "Ana" from Clannad.
  2. *Leeney*

    Yaoi and Yuri

    Which is better for you? Yaoi or Yuri. I like both but I do tend to look at more Yuri than Yaoi.
  3. *Leeney*


    What do you think about it?
  4. *Leeney*

    Since when....

    Since when was there a limit on how long a username can be! Only 20 characters? I can't believe it. I was trying to change it to ♥Revolutionary Leeney♥ but it was too long
  5. *Leeney*

    How did you get interested in the ships you support?

    I'll share my story on how I got interested into EliteUnderShipping(Lucian + Aaron(elite). It is also a sin for me. Well one day I was trolling fanfiction.net and searched 'Lucian pokemon'. I happened to stumble upon a story that had read eliteundershipping so I clicked on the story out of...
  6. *Leeney*


    I figure a topic like this would go here. Sometimes when I go on to threads and blogs here I see these pictures of random things with random words. I've recently found out what those were. Feel free to post any?
  7. *Leeney*

    What happened to the Bulbagarden Library?

    I looked at the Writer's Workshop and noticed a sub-forum called the Bulbagarden Library. I clicked on it to check it out but it didn't work.
  8. *Leeney*

    Is something wrong with my account?

    I get this everytime I go to the home page. Why?
  9. *Leeney*

    Is it possible to change a social group title?

    I have a social group called The Leeney Rose Fan Club and I can't change the title. I looked in the options but it's no good. Can anyone help? I want to change the title to The Leeney Scarlet Fan Club
  10. *Leeney*

    Lele Scarlet's Crappy Art from Bulbagarden Oekaki

    Lele Scarlet is my Oekaki name. For those who saw my thread "Crap I draw on MS Paint" here's the sequel where I put my attempts at drawing at the Oekaki here! Enjoy!
  11. *Leeney*

    Wasn't there a place called Soap Box here before?

    Around the time I first found out about this forum there was a section named "The Soap Box". How come I don't see it anymore? Where'd it go?
  12. *Leeney*


    Although the only time I saw them interact was in episode 40 of Diamond and Pearl and it was during a battle. I think I could predict they'll make a good couple
  13. *Leeney*

    Suicidal Planet May Crash into it's star

    http://news.aol.com/article/suicidal-planet-may-crash-into-its-star/640882 Just a cool article I found about planet that doesn't have much time to live.
  14. *Leeney*

    RPG Ideas /Help Thread(Possible Sticky?)

    This is just for new comers and veterans here to discuss future RPGs or help on developing current RPGs. ☺I'm currently thinking of starting another Pokemon Coordinator RPG again but I'm not sure what region to put it in.
  15. *Leeney*

    What type of threads go in the HoS?

    *Prays that this doesn't go to the HoS* Anyway even if threads are closed some of them don't go in that forum. What exactly does?
  16. *Leeney*

    A quick but noobish question

    How do you cross out stuff in your posts. In other words how do you get a line in some of the words sometimes.
  17. *Leeney*

    How many times do you change your username?

    I've changed it at least 5 times how about you?
  18. *Leeney*

    About banned users......

    Sometimes when I see Who's Online I see some banned users on the list. Doesn't being banned mean you can't log in.(Sorry for the stupid question)
  19. *Leeney*


    I read it around here when I first joined but I've never seen it in use here.
  20. *Leeney*

    Will we ever see Casey again?

    Yes another Johto related subject. I believe Casey was a beginner trainer who loved baseball. She made a couple appearances after that too. Do you guys think she's worthy enough to come back?