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    Rate my RU Team

    Playing in the RU/LU tier. This team has carried me so far but I've hit a dead end. I win some and lose some and effictively go nowhere. The Stealth Rock Lead Regirock @ Leftovers Trait: Clear Body EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SDef Careful Nature (+SDef, -SAtk) - Stealth Rock -...
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    Size Dependant Moves?

    We all know how moves like Low Kick and Grass Knot depend on the opponent's weight. What's your opinion on Game Freak adding new moves whose power depends on the opponents/user's size?
  3. R

    Castlevania fans?

    How many of you are fans of the massive Castlevania franchise? Discuss it here.
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    BULBAPEDIA: User Account Help

    A long time ago, I created a user account which I basically never used. By now, I have forgotten both my user name and password though it might some variation on Ranger Mike, my first user name here. My question is can I create a new account or would I get banned for that?
  5. R

    Blizzard Entertainement

    Blizzard is an amazing vidoe game developer. Along with the Westwood, it was responsible for the development and refinement of an entire genre: The Real Time Strategy genre. With landmark game such as the Warcraft RTS series and the Starcraft series, Blizzard is easily one of the finest video...
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    About the FRLG character models in Colosseum

    If anyine didn't know, Pokemon Colosseum contained the character models for Red and Leaf in their FrieRed/LeafGreen appearance despite being released much nefore those games. What I want to know is what everyone though about them when they were first discovered. Did anyone realise that the...
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    Contest: Grovyle vs. Servine

    vs. Servine, the new grass type starter is most comparable to Grovyle amon the other Grass starters since they look so alike. They both are very fast too being the fastest(Grovyle) and second fastest(Servine) starter families. Which has the better design? Which one would win in a...
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    Contest: Poochyena/Mightyena vs. Purrloin/Liepard

    VS Purrloin/Liepard may be Unova's Meowth/Persian but I believe that they are more similar to Poochyena/Mightyena. Both families are Mono-Dark Types available early in the game and are used by the villain team. Both are fairly useless until they evolve and at that point become fairly...
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    Woolseyisms in the Anime

    Woolseyism Ever noticed something that the dub changed from the original that you found was a change for the better? List them here. Explain on why you think the change is better. This is not a place to compare a dub of certain language with the English dub. So no saying one dub is better...
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    Contest: Kingler vs. Crawdaunt

    VS. The battle of the crustaceans. Its Kingler vs. Crawdaunt. Kingler is a fan favourite. And honestly, I can see why. It looks cool has a great attack stat. In the anime, Ash's kingler got 3 DEM wins in the Indigo League but has rarely been seen since then. When Crawdaunt was first...
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    Contest: Music Battle: Trainer Battle Themes

    When 2 trainers eyes meet, they must battle. Even if they only see your back... Which is the best trainer battle theme? Kanto: Johto: Hoenn: Sinnoh: Unova: Orre: If you find any theme that's missing, just tell me here. I'll add it to the list. My...
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    Contest: Music Battle: Trainer Battle Themes

    When 2 trainers eyes meet, they must battle. Even if they only see your back... Which is the best trainer battle theme? Kanto: Johto: Hoenn: Sinnoh: Unova: If you find any theme that''s missing, just tell me here. I'll add it to the list.
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    Contest: Music Battle: Champion Battle Themes!

    Champions always get unique music and rightfully so. Even in the days of RGBY when 3 of the Elite 4 had to be content with the Trainer Battle theme and Lance used the Gym Theme, Blue recieved a unique theme. This tradition has been kept since then. So which is the best among them all...
  14. R

    Contest: Ash's Bulbasaur vs Ash's Bayleaf vs Ash's Sceptile vs Ash's Torterra vs Ash's Snivy

    Here we have a battle between Ash's Grass pokemon. Bulbasaur Bayleaf Sceptile Torterra Snivy Whos is you favourite? And why? My favourite is Sceptile. Sceptile is one of my favourite pokemon and Ash's Sceptile is one of the big reasons why I like it so much. Sceptile was the...
  15. R

    Contest: Bulbasaur vs. Celebi

    vs. Why these two? No reason. Why do you ask? *whistles innocently*
  16. R

    Contest: Wallace vs. Juan (who's the better leader)

    VS. Who do you think is the better Gym Leader of Sootopolis? I prefer having Juan as the Gym Leader so Wallace can be the Champion and Steven can be the 'true' boss. Juan also has a slightly better team, I think.
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    Contest: Hail vs. Sandstorm

    vs. The counterpart to the Rain Dance vs. Sunny Day thread. Which do you prefer? Which is more useful? I like Hail more but it is easier to make a Sandstorm team due to there being much more variety to choose from compared to Hail Team. Walrein is frigging beast in Hail.
  18. R

    Contest: Rain Dance vs. Sunny Day

    vs. Or rather, Rain Dance Teams vs. Sunny Day teams. Which do you prefer? Which is more useful? Personally, I like Sunny Day teams more. Thats because I like things like Shiftry, Tropius, stc who go from mediocre to down right deadly under the sun. However, Rain Dance teams work...
  19. R

    Contest: Clair vs. Juan vs. Volkner

    vs. vs. Why these? All 3 are the 8th Gym Leader of their respective regions. Why not Giovanni? Being the leader of Team Rocket, he's on a league of his own. Why not Blue? Being the rival, he too is on a league of his own. Who is better? Who would win a battle? Who is more...
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    Contest: Karen vs. Drake vs. Lucian

    VS. VS. Why these? These 3 are the final member of the Elite 4 in their repective regions Why not Lance? Because he ascended to champion and that would be fair on the others. Who would win? Who do you prefer? Who is more useful? (lolwut?) My favourite is Drake. He's...