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  1. swiftfox

    Early picks for your US/UM team?

    It's only been 24 hours, but I'm sure some of us have already started planning our teams. Right now I have just 2 spots locked down. 1. Litten (Went with Rowlett in Sun the first time, Popplio on the replay). 2. Eevee (I like to use it whenever it's available. Not sure which evolution I'll...
  2. swiftfox

    Alola Pokemon that exceeded your expectations.

    The opposite of the disappointment thread. Which Alola 'Mon did you not think much of at first but turned out to like a lot more than you thought you would? I have two so far. The first is Alolan Persian. When I saw it was a pure Dark-type, I was worried it would just be a weaker and slightly...
  3. swiftfox

    Most disappointing Alola Pokémon?

    Thread title speaks for itself. Which Pokémon introduced this generation did you have high hopes for, only to be let down. So far I've loved nearly every new Pokémon I've used with one exception: Togedemaru. I was planning to use one for the main story until I found out it can't learn any...
  4. swiftfox

    TEEN: Witch Hunt (Pokemon/Harry Potter Crossover)

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to (a rewrite of) my first story. As you can see from the title, this is a Pokemon/Harry Potter crossover fic. I had wanted to write something like this ever since I got back into the Pokemon franchise over five years ago but I had trouble coming up with a plausible...
  5. swiftfox

    Anyone want to do a Tournament Challenge group?

    Wasn't sure where to put this thread, so it ended up here. Anyway, the NCAA basketball tournament starts this Thursday, and I was thinking about creating a group on espn.com and inviting any Bulbagardeners who would like to participate. For those who aren't American or aren't into sports that...
  6. swiftfox

    How do you usually construct your in-game teams?

    The types on my team will vary, but my main play through teams almost always follow the same formula: at least two Pokemon from the current generation/region. At least one older Pokemon that I've never used before. At least one feline and/or canine Pokemon How about you guys? Anyone...
  7. swiftfox

    GEN VI: Wanted: HA Espurr or Meowstic (F)

    I'm looking for a female Espurr or Meowstic with its hidden ability. I'm willing to offer anything within reason (in other words, just about any non-legendary). Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide.
  8. swiftfox

    Favorite Dark Type?

    This is a tough one for me as dark is one of my favorite types. I would lean towards Liepard since it's based on my favorite animal. Umbreon, Mightyena, Houndoom and Absol are close behind.
  9. swiftfox

    Types you always have in your in-game team?

    To go along with the "types you never use" thread. I'm always sure to carry a fire-type with me. It's a very good offensive type, and it includes many of my favorite Pokemon. I like to have a psychic and/or dark Pokemon in my team if there are any in the region that appeal to me. And of...
  10. swiftfox

    Good afternoon Bulbagarden Forums

    I officially joined last week but did not post until now. I started playing Pokemon games with generation I when they first came out. I played through Ruby before going on an 8-year hiatus, then decided to check out White out of curiosity 2 years ago and now I'm hooked again. I currently have Y...