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    Misleading Moves

    Hey everyone! You know how some moves seem like they can fit into more than one type (Blaze Kick seems like a Fire and Fighting move, Muddy Water seems like a water and ground type move)? What are some other moves that can fit into other types? For me, Scald can also be a Fire move, and...
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    Appreciating Each Generation

    Ever since the 2nd generation, there has been a large number of people who denounce the whole Pokemon series as "dead" and "commercially milked" They found hundreds of glitches and disadvantages for each generation, and talked about how great it was in "the old days of Pokemon" If there's...
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    Help with foreign games

    Hey everybody! =) I dont know if this is the right place for this question, but what are your strategies for playing Japanese games on American DSi's? I know you can play Japanese games on DS's & DS Lites, but I cant play them on my DSi, as the only languages it has in the settings are english...
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    Ok, so does anyone else wish that Pokemon #628 (National Pokedex) should've stayed as "Wargle"?? If you don't know, its name was changed to "Braviary" for the english localization. But I like "Wargle" much better than "Braviary", because it's easier to tell what 2 words make up the...
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    What's Up Bulbagarden?

    Hey everybody! Just here saying hi. I joined bulbagarden 1 or 2 months ago so I could say something 4 the Gen V Speculation Contest (I said something about possible future pokemon). Anyways, I hope I can meet a lot of ppl & learn a lot of stuff! :spin: As an ice breaker (and a way to help a...