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    Looking for Hidden Grotto Minccino and Woobat

    Anyone out there have a female Minccino and/or Woobat from BW2's hidden grotto? EDIT:Forgot to mention, I'm on the look out for a dream world female Corphish too. To trade, I have a few Dream World ability females that I could quickly hatch -Murkrow -Dratini -Lapras -Vulpix -Poliwag -Makuhita...
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    HarmoKnight (new Game Freak game)

    Earlier today, a new game for the 3DS E-shop was announced. It's a new IP from Gamefreak that goes by the name of Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight, and is basically a rhythm platformer where you time jumps and attacks to the beat of the the music. Trailer [Nintendo Direct] Rhythm Hunter...
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    Upcoming pokemon appearences?

    Not usually one to jump the gun on this sort of thing, but I thought it was easy to connect the dots on this occassion. Found this calendar image floating around, and noticed that it features some interesting character selctions. Some of these have already appeared during the first 6/7...
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    Situations in which it's OK to overlook type advantages/disadvantages to a degree.

    So I think we're all well aware that the anime likes to do it's own thing by now. Some liberties are taken when it comes to the battling side of things, and this can be a factor that's liable to cause a bit of a stir, especially in regards to type charts and which move should or shouldn't effect...
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    Female Dream World Slugma

    Can't be bothered with the slog that is the global link dream world any longer, so figured I'd just take the easy way out and trade for what I want. Don't really care about the nature, though Timid would be preferable. Stuff I can trade include; Female Hippopotas, Impish, 31 IVs in HP...
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    GTS Negotiations

    Appologies if this thread isn't kosher. Feel free to lock if that's the case Has anyone else been taking a break from the main game and trying out this neat new Wi-Fi feature? For those who don't know, you're basically paired up with random people via Wi-Fi and can show each other pokemon...
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    First Best Wishes episode that 'caught' you?

    We're 20 episodes in now, so I think it's safe to assume that this now applies to most people. By 'caught', I suppose it could be the defined as 'the first episode of the series that really stood out for you'. One that thoroughly entertained or had you hooked throughout. That one with a...
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    Pokemon you used to dislike, but have grown fond of over time.

    Simple enough question. Is there a pokemon you despised when you were first introduced to it, but after a few months, maybe even years, you eventually warmed up to it? Maybe even becoming a personal favourite? To get the ball rolling Off the top of my head, the first pokemon that comes...
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    Generation 1 pokemon you've never had the urge to train.

    Generation 1 is about 14 years old now, and I've been playing pokemon since it was first released on the game boy. Though despite that, there are still quite a number of Gen 1 pokemon I've never had any interest in using, both during or after the main game. So are there any generation 1...
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    BW 008: Darumakka and Hihidaruma! The Secret of the Clock Tower!!

    There isn't a topic for this yet, and since these guys are my fav 5th gen monsters, I thought I'd kick things off! -Pikachu and Kibago are standing on the picnic table from hammerspace, when a cheeky Darumaka sneaks up behind them and steals their pokemon chow. -Kibago thinks Pikachu took...
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    Most embarrassing moments in the anime?

    So has there ever been a moment or even episode of the show that you've found particulary cheesy or overly sappy, to the point of feeling slightly (or even greatly!) embarrassed to be watching? Was it brought on just because you found it silly in itself, or because someone in your company...
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    Pokemon or Humans?

    For curiousity's sake. I was reading that 'spin-off' series thread a minute ago, and saw a lot of ideas that would probably be pretty fun. Like The Team Rocket & Friends Cartoon Show; I'd watch it. But having said that, I noticed a lot of that thread was basically just several suggestions for...
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    Generation 4 ain't colourful (pokemon colours)

    I restarted one of my 4th gen games the other day, intending to train some of the pokemon I'd yet to try out. Halfway through compiling my team of choice, it dawned on me just how drab they look as a group. Lots of purples, blues, browns and greys. I've always been aware that there was a large...