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  1. L

    Folk Music

    No forum would be complete without a thread about metal! So I'm doing the complete opposite. I assume that most people visualize people like Joan Baez and flower power music when someone mentions folk, but it's far more than that. Folk music is an all encompassing term that includes roots music...
  2. L

    My retired gym team

    In my old clan, before becoming an Elite 4 member (that team still being my best), I was the steel type gym leader...and I have to say, I did pretty well. Had a pretty good win/loss ratio. I had a fairly unorthodox style with all my teams, usually my favorite thing is to do something unique and...
  3. L

    Uncommon/unusual instruments you're in love with

    Some people don't care about instruments, as long as it's good music, it doesn't matter...but personally...there are instruments that just resonate with me in different ways. Like, certain pieces wouldn't sound nearly as good without them. If you feel the same way, introduce a certain...
  4. L

    Rate a team! Mono-flying

    I don't really NEED a rate, I've seen this team in action quite extensively. It can do quite well, but it's by no means unbeatable. It's 2 minute edit of a team that took me like 5 minutes to make about a year ago. I haven't played in about a year, so I'm not quite sure how it will stack up...
  5. L

    The most introductory introduction of god's construction.

    WELCOME TO THE SITE!!! ...wait, I'm being welcomed...thus an introduction is in order. I am Sir Lacquer Head of Nottingham, protector of the vampire's cursed apple tree. Anyway, some things about myself. I'm 22, been playing Pokemon since...the very beginning, I remember receiving Pokemon Red as...