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Search results

  1. SwampertShoes

    Event Gengar

    Hi! Was anyone not able to get the American event Gengar? I have an extra code for it. =]
  2. SwampertShoes

    GEN VI: Needed: Foreign, Male Ralts with Decent IVs

    Hi, all! I'm trying the Masuda Method and I need the said Ralts in order to do that. (Unless you happen to have a foreign female in a dream ball?) Anyhow, I don't have a ton to offer, but we can discuss it. =]
  3. SwampertShoes

    GEN VI: Foreign Ditto

    Hi! Does anyone happen to have a spare foreign, non-American ditto? Would be much appreciated. =]
  4. SwampertShoes

    Looking for These Items; Trade =]

    Hi! I'm looking for these items, and I can trade whatever breedable Pokemon you'd like for them. =] I received this game online, so they may or may not be Pokemon from scratch data; but they've never hurt any of the games I've put them in, so I find it quite alright. =] The items are: Cell...
  5. SwampertShoes

    Battle Partner! =D

    Hi! To start, I'd like to form a team with someone over Wi-Fi to challenge the Battle Subway. =] In Wi-Fi mode, more BP is received, of which can be exchanged for higher-priced items. I figure with two people getting more BP, it's a win-win, plus, it'll be fun. ^^
  6. SwampertShoes

    Hello! =]

    Hi, everyone. =] I've been around the forum for just a bit now, but I feel like I should post here before it's too late to say, "Hi!" I'd like to make some friends. ^^
  7. SwampertShoes

    COMPLETE: Blown Both Ways (Luckyshipping) (TEEN)

    Y'ello, everyone! This is a little Luckyshipping story, and it was really fun to write. ^^ Nice to meet you all. =] Summary? Yes? ^^ Summary: After the disaster in Johto, the first Dex holders have split up once again to accomplish their own goals. But when a troublesome male pulls the...
  8. SwampertShoes

    Luckyshipping and Specialshipping

    Hi, everyone! =] So, I always see that these two shippings are basically "arch-enemies" (in bad cases of fan differences!). Luckyshipping, RedxBlue (Girl), and Specialshipping, RedxYellow. There's a reason I didn't put "versus" in the title though! I want to get your thoughts on comparing the...