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  1. TPrower

    Caption the Screenshot! (V2)

    Been entirely too long since I posted to this thread, so there's much I've missed, lol
  2. TPrower

    Waiter, there's a ______ in my soup

    Well, you DID order the Cinnabar special, so it needs to cool. Waiter, there's a Bounsweet in my soup!
  3. TPrower

    Caption the Avatar Above v2

    "Two extra mouths to feed. I hate my life."
  4. TPrower

    Where was ^ on the night of the murder?

    ^ going around telling people to shut up and take their Gardevoir
  5. TPrower

    Usernames Combine!

    Chidamari Prower
  6. TPrower

    Type the above person's username without looking at your keyboard!

    Chuvster Dang.
  7. TPrower

    Caption the Avatar Above v2

    "Are you lost? Here, let me be your guide, hee hee hee..."
  8. TPrower

    REVIEW: XY071: The Worst Luck? Eureka VS Nyarth!!

    Probably cuz those were Nanab Berries, and just LOOK like bananas, but don't have the same skin. I dunno, that's the only explanation I have. XD
  9. TPrower

    REVIEW: XY070: Conclusion! Numelgon, Somewhere Over the Rainbow!!

    I don't wanna make a huge rant about this. I understand they were trying to go for a 'for the best' kinda thing, but why can't Ash just catch a break with his team for once? He had a friggin Goodra, which could have done him so much good in the League, and he lets it go. I know it was to protect...
  10. TPrower

    REVIEW: XY054: Calamanero VS Maaiika! The Bonds that Would Save the World!!

    Malamar has got to be the most fear-worthy Pokemon we've gotten thus far. Funnily enough, I have one in rotation on my Y team. XD My heart went warm and fuzzy at James and Inkay's bond. Team Rocket may be crooks, but they love their Pokemon. =)
  11. TPrower

    Why don't Team Rocket bond with their Pokémon anymore?

    There's also something to be said about the fact that Jessie's Pumpkaboo knows Frustration, a move powered by a Pokemon's negative feelings toward its Trainer. That, to me, feels like proof that these Pokemon are more like tools of villainy rather than companions.
  12. TPrower

    REVIEW: XY035: Champion of the Forest! Luchabull Appears!!

    This may just be because I was following only the screencaps on Serebii, but does Hawlucha smile once in the episode? It may be because he's so stoic and cool-natured, like Snivy, but I just noticed in the screencaps that he never even cracked a grin when Ash had him join the team, except in...
  13. TPrower

    Who's the worst of Ash's Fire Starters' previous owners?

    Damien, Paul, and Shamus all have reasons for being the worst. Damien lied to Charmander about coming back for it, then left it to die out in the wilderness. Paul put Chimchar through an extreme amount of abuse to try and harness its hidden potential, sicced his stronger Pokemon on it to 'train'...
  14. TPrower

    EVERYONE: Melanie: The Kalos Chronicles (X/Y Spoilers)

    Chapter 6 Santalune City and Forest The moon was high in the sky by the time William finally pulled to a stop. The group stood at the gate to a small but well-built town, bordered to the south by an immense forest. The structure was rustic and humble, to say the least, with a nice...
  15. TPrower

    OBSOLETE: Moving completed fics to the Archive: Help Thread

    I need my Jim trilogy moved to the Archives. I'm probably causing everybody enough headaches with my lack of knowledge of what I'm supposed to do... Book 1: The Hero's Journey Book 2: Blaze of Glory Book 3: The War for Unova
  16. TPrower

    Archive Directory

    A three-volume story that needs to be moved here from the Fairground. Author name: TPrower Fic name: The Jim Trilogy (The Hero's Journey, Blaze of Glory, War for Unova) Summary: A Black/White story adaptation. 16 year-old Jim Stevens, gifted with the ability to speak to Pokemon, sets out on a...
  17. TPrower

    2013 Autumn Awards Official Winners List

    Meh, guess I didn't have what it takes. Congrats to the winners, as I said before.
  18. TPrower

    2013 Autumn Awards Official Winners List

    Well, looks my only passing category passed me by, but congratulations to the winners nonetheless.
  19. TPrower

    EVERYONE: Melanie: The Kalos Chronicles (X/Y Spoilers)

    Chapter 5 On the Road to Santalune “And there you are, Miss Stevens! Your Servine as good as new!” “Thank you, ma’am!” Pokemon Centers were always a hive of activity, Trainers constantly going in or out to rest themselves or have their Pokemon healed up. No matter what region, what...
  20. TPrower

    EVERYONE: Melanie: The Kalos Chronicles (X/Y Spoilers)

    Chapter 4 A New Friend As soon as Melanie stepped out of the Lumiose Gym, she saw a familiar face standing outside by the entrance. It was Ted, along with his Froakie, Winston, but he wasn’t alone. A girl was standing in front of him, hands on her hips, staring him down with a hard glare, while...