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  1. SatoshiKun

    Do people actually want continuity in the Anime?

    Satoshi can get better without rising to the level of a champion. Not that I think he has, though he has enjoyed a long winning streak. I don't mind if he loses sometimes, but they should bring in stronger opponents to do beat him rather than reducing Satoshi's skill at random.
  2. SatoshiKun

    PREVIEW: M18: The Archdjinni of the Rings: Hoopa

    The Hell? I came late to this thread, and just saw all the legendaries. Is it possible most won't appear. I mean, the initial trailers are never anything like the movie. Remember Zorua's movie, with the evil ash clone, and Ho-Oh fighting with Lugia. If not, then this will be one weird ass movie.
  3. SatoshiKun

    The end of Ash due to 20TH anniversary?

    Ha ha.... no.
  4. SatoshiKun

    Why isn't the anime as funny as it used to be?

    What about AG? Doesn't anyone think that was funny? While the humor started to give way more in DP for better storytelling, I think that it really sunk in BW. Some of the running gags in that series were just awfull.
  5. SatoshiKun

    REVIEW: XY005: The Hakudan Gym Battle! The Magnificent Viviyon's Dance Battle!!

    Re: REVIEW: XY005: "The Hakudan Gym Battle! The Magnificent Bibiyon's Dance Battle!!" Finally got to see this. It was a pretty great episode, what with the animation and the battles. I'm not even that upset about Pikachu losing ( perhaps I'm just used to seeing him powered down). The Citron...
  6. SatoshiKun

    The Right Side of the Scoreboard

    It may not be psychological rather than cultural influence, though I have no idea either way. Either way, it's pretty clear what the purpose is.
  7. SatoshiKun

    The Right Side of the Scoreboard

    You just noticed this? That's just how they've always put the protagonist.
  8. SatoshiKun

    REVIEW: XY001/XY002: Pocket Monsters XY Start Special

    Actually, they did. Even though people were upset about him losing to Shooti, they still liked it overall. Just look at the archived review threads for that episode.
  9. SatoshiKun

    REVIEW: XY001/XY002: Pocket Monsters XY Start Special

    I really liked these episodes! They had a nice mix of action and plot advancement. It's good to see Satoshi has retained his old skill, even if his over excitement got a little annoying. One thing that bothers me is how everyone is saying that these are the best beginning episodes for any...
  10. SatoshiKun

    If none of the main characters had been ditched and we had 8,9 people alongside Ash?

    Re: If none of the main characters had been ditched and we had 8,9 people alongside A Then this show would quickly deteriorate into an overcrowded mess of conflicting characters.
  11. SatoshiKun

    Pokemon X and Y anime Opening and Ending

    Wow! That's some really nice French architecture. I guess this confirms Froakie and Fletchling for Satoshi. By the way, does this strike anyone as rather shippy in some scenes? Not that anything will ever come of it.
  12. SatoshiKun

    Older Ash???

    Satoshi definitely grew taller between the original and advanced series. However, the only change I see between BW and XY Satoshi is that he has longer hair and visible teeth.
  13. SatoshiKun

    Pokemon X and Y anime Opening and Ending

    What's with Satoshi? Everyone is smiling while he just stands there looking gloomy.
  14. SatoshiKun

    REVIEW: BW142: My Dream, Pokémon Master!!

    Something I noticed, can anyone make out any regions on Satoshi's globe? I still can't for the life of me find the first four regions on any of the Pokemon world maps"
  15. SatoshiKun

    Ash and Paul rivalry

    What are you referring to? I agree that Shinji got a little bit of favoritism from the writers, but it wasn't really bad. I don't really know what you mean by "rigged". Some of their battles (Turtwig vs Honchkrow) were mismatch, but not rigged. As for Satoshi loosing to Shooti, that's a whole...
  16. SatoshiKun

    New Preview of the XY Anime shown on special

    I don't think Pikachu should be unbeatable, I just think it shouldn't have to struggle against what are essentially baby Pokemon ( which starters have shown to be). Also, was Bunnelby really Citron's? I didn't see.
  17. SatoshiKun

    New Preview of the XY Anime shown on special

    So, Pikachu is back to battling starter and basic Pokemon. Hopefully won't be as bad as BW. Also, I like that Yuki Kaji is voicing Citron. Also, I guess Sonansu is back. Somewhere, Dogasu is squeeing.
  18. SatoshiKun

    Older Ash???

    I would hope that he has aged but I wouldn't really mind if he didn't by this point. Also, Satoshi probably looks older because they added teeth to his design.
  19. SatoshiKun

    XY 001 & 002 - Hour long special

    This looks like it could be a really good pair of episodes. Extra background on Satoshi is of course always welcome. Is that Yukki Kaji voicing Clemont?
  20. SatoshiKun

    Pokemon Smash X and Y Anime Promo

    Wow, the cars in Kalos aren't all big jeeps. It's nice to see some variety among the cars.