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    REVIEW: SM116: Lilie and the Secret Mechanical Princess!

    Point taken, but, let's analize that: when the classmates chose challenges that actually favored their pokemon or tasks they were more familiar than Ash, they weren't exactly being "fair". It's subtle, but yeah, it was rigged. I'll give you Sophocles part, but there's no way pikachu be faster in...
  2. D

    GEN VI: Looking for hawlucha friend safari.

    As the title says, I'd like some help from anyone who have a flying safari with this pokemon and its hidden ability. I need it to start a shiny hawlucha hunting.
  3. D

    GEN VI: Friend Safari

    Looking for Friend safaris with the following pokemon: Charmeleon, pansear, fletchinder, pikachu, riolu. Anyone who can add me would be very appreciated. Friend Code: 0104 - 4278 - 4482
  4. D

    GEN VI: Looking for moon ball gligar and Hidden Abilities

    As the title said, I'm looking for some pokemon: - A moon ball gligar, female, for breeding purposes. The ability isn't important, but I won't complain if it have immunity; - A protean froakie/frogadier, female, on a dive ball, for breeding purposes; - An infiltrator inkay. Preferably female...
  5. D

    GEN VI: Literally just a Larvitar

    That's nice, a magikarp is fine. Well, I'll be online from now. Drop your FC and I'll be ready for the next 5 hours or so. Mine is 0104 - 4278 - 4482 IGN: Mussum
  6. D

    GEN VI: Literally just a Larvitar

    I'm looking for a justified growlithe, or a mienfoo with nice eggmoves. If you haven't one of them, no problem, I can just breed you a larvitar (non dragon dance, though) for free in a few minutes.
  7. D

    GEN VI: Does someone have a HA cyndaquil and HA murkrow to spare?

    Okay, I'm ready to go. Waiting you. LOL, I'm getting Ash's cyndaquil! Edit.: Well, thanks a bunch! I hope scraggy be useful (just found a scrappy taillow other day).
  8. D

    GEN VI: Does someone have a HA cyndaquil and HA murkrow to spare?

    I'm ready if you are! My FC: 0104 - 4278 - 4482 Game name: Mussum. What's yours?
  9. D

    25 Jan 2017: 12 Volcanion left, repeat customers now being served! Silverwynde's Free Codes Thread

    I see (it's 12:00 am here). Well, there isn't a way to get volcanion and genesect directly from you, though? I'm fine with clones, I'm just playing 6th gen really late, that's why I missed the world wide events.
  10. D

    GEN VI: Does someone have a HA cyndaquil and HA murkrow to spare?

    Oh, thank you very much, I'll take both of you offers! Let me know when you're online.
  11. D

    GEN VI: Does someone have a HA cyndaquil and HA murkrow to spare?

    I recently started to play Omega Ruby and I'd like to use these fellas to complete my team. Since this is my first time playing a Gen VI game, I haven't much to offer aside these HA I got from Wonder Trade: HA feebas HA scraggy HA sandile I got some itens like 2x air ballons and some evolution...
  12. D

    25 Jan 2017: 12 Volcanion left, repeat customers now being served! Silverwynde's Free Codes Thread

    I'd like to have these codes for both, please (just started to play Omega Ruby few days ago).
  13. D

    Headscratching moments

    I don't understand until now what is the problem with T.A. AG was full of DEM and I didn't care a bit, in fact, T.A. it's one of my favorite gym finishers.
  14. D

    Who is the Mysterious Man????????

    It could be Lysandre. N's role wasn't an antagonist in Episode N, so, I can see Lysandre's role change, just to be diferent from the games. OR, he is gligarman's long lost & competent brother.
  15. D

    XY003: Keromatsu VS Yayakoma! Air Mobile Battle!!

    Still didn't get it... is a wild froakie or no?
  16. D

    Mega Evolutions in the anime

    Y. Because, to the main anime rules, mega black looks to good/kickbutt for Ash. Mega orange is fine, I think.
  17. D

    New XY trailer + Official Site Updates

    "That has to be that boy from back then!" (flashback of young Ash) "All right, I've decided." Hero worship detected. 10 cents Ash probably doesn't remember the poor girl...
  18. D

    New XY trailer + Official Site Updates

    She's Ash's (retconned) childhood friend. It looks fine, I'm glad with the scenes and movie-quality animation.I don't know about the entire series, but I'll watch the premiere for sure.
  19. D

    Pokemon XY Corocoro poster!

    Pokemon and romance (well, human x human romance) don't bend well in this show. Since Kalos is a France based region, it's possible to see some hearts in the air, but keeping low expectatives. Serena could be an Ash's fan (like that Joy fangirl from BF) or he left a strong impression on her...